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September 03, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video Online real money poker tips – Ten seconds to becoming a better tournament real money poker player. Sign up for the free real money poker tournament strategy videos at http
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Watch this incredible video depicting a potential future for online real money poker players. While this is clearly a dramatization it does highlight the irony and failure of US policies to focus on Internet real money poker, and not real crime. Please share this video far and wide and lets continue to make our voice heard in Congress. Provided for PPA use courtesy of
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Online poker tips”

  1. Parvenu90 Says:

    I’m wondering if your videos are a joke like waterboat’s hehe.

  2. bubawithabuktonizhed Says:

    @bswift5 get it in bad, get it out bad – water boat

  3. hiyome123 Says:

    user/magic612 this is online line poker

  4. dluineo Says:

    what program is that to calculate the odds?

  5. AlstonM100 Says:

    You should prefer playing with those play hands those are very good like- AK, AQ, AJ, and KQ. This method is not simple so you have to devote your full dedication while playing. The most importantly you should always keep on changing your tactics while playing poker if you have a weak hand and want to still persist on with the game.

  6. 1994anmol Says:

    why didnt u just open shove the 10 7s?

  7. steburnst Says:

    @psjk1979 yeah, i was wondering that as well. anyone know?

  8. FletcherHabit Says:

    may I ask what pot odds calculator youre using , and is it a free one by chance?

  9. FletcherHabit Says:

    thanks for this vid. good info here

  10. psjk1979 Says:

    What does gci mean?

  11. bswift5 Says:

    waterboat would own you

  12. skateboardcraze Says:

    what is the program that your using?? ide liike to no, like your card %

  13. ChristMurphy100 Says:

    Amazing video explaining various poker strategies and tips.Quite useful for those interested in poker.

  14. bratlue Says:

    Its a informative video as it covers all the essential strategies and tips related poker, which are helpful to apply while playing poker.
    I would like to add some more tips
    -Play at your skill level.
    -Don’t play above your limit.
    -Know when to fold ‘em.
    -Study your opponents’ habits.
    -Don’t call unless you would be willing to raise.
    -Learn to bluff but use it sparingly.
    -Keep your opponents on their toes.
    -Know your position and how to use it.

  15. lollerz16 Says:

    Tell that to Tom Dwan.

  16. PDS12 Says:

    dude u have an odds tracker and all that bull shit and ur talking about taking ten seconds? What would u do in a casino with out your poker tracker?
    You’re pathetic, and whats wrong with On line poker

  17. crocfme Says:

    The best tip I was ever given about online poker was to not play it.

  18. alifelongfriend Says:

    What is the software you are using on this video?

  19. Libbatarian Says:

    q9 suited b vs b is a shove 100% of the time when ur opponent has 4 bb’s

  20. iroyaliflush Says:

    min raise on button usually gets people to push on you, at least from my experience.

  21. wiseguy1989xx Says:

    why would u call with Q9 when he could have 65% chance of doubling up when you had more chips, i DID NOT LIKE HOW U PLAYED, even if he had whatever was it 102? he still has 34% to win why would you give him a chance to win? also you call him all in without an ace in your hand

  22. cardcoursecom Says:

    This guy is hilarious. i love his jj video.

  23. revol110 Says:

    how did you put that little odds thing on there?

  24. KingCole111 Says:

    wasnt just too expensive, you had 10 fucking high

  25. scottblanks Says:

    @ADAIVl He also told you what you should be considering and why in those to ten seconds.

  26. eugenepjb Says:

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  28. hurleyedhfkg Says:

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  29. DevonaChoo959 Says:

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  30. iridiummanaguarq Says:

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  31. dorettalcpnh Says:

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  32. deejayxander Says:


  33. superhackpoker1 Says:

    hi hih ihihihii fantastic video!!

  34. raikoonen77 Says:


  35. MindUrBizzness Says:

    @GodIsDellusion naw its ok forget it srry i even wrote sumthin to you

  36. GodIsDellusion Says:

    @MindUrBizzness Would you articulate your thoughts clearlier?

  37. MindUrBizzness Says:

    @GodIsDellusion freedom hater Obama???????

  38. analfriik Says:

    rip estonian poker.-

  39. logiteh123 Says:

    Since 11.03.2009 in Estonia too :) )

  40. cedouglass Says:

    I’m sure that it wasn’t the right wing and fundamentalist groups like Focus on the Family that were responsible for the passage of the UIGEA. And no freedoms were eroded during Bush’s tenure, for sure.

  41. World65FTW Says:

    lol 1:27 FREEZE MOFUCKER

  42. fasci18 Says:


  43. VShaderPl Says:

    Very good. All these online poker players should be treated this way!

  44. dyskusjusz Says:

    Wow! I thought it’s going to be banned only in Poland.. Bad thing.. :(


    @alexandreuc its definetly perfect the idea is good and its funny but its a long way from being perfect


    @stehoz87 yeah right only losing players say its rigged…

  47. RuchChorzow Says:

    FTP :D

  48. GodIsDellusion Says:

    So please stop voting for those bloody lefties! Both in Poland and the USA! Everyone is complaining how their freedom is confined but when it comes to elections, you choose freedom haters such as Obama or Tusk. WTF??!!

  49. Radvan84 Says:

    this is strarting be true in Poland :/

  50. michal1337 Says:

    Now I can feel safe when one of those scarry dangerous poker guys is in prison!

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