One Take scene from Gods and Monsters

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This is another assignment from my directing class: to produce a scene from your chosen film in just ONE TAKE…meaning no cuts…meaning the actors had no buffer. Fortunately, mine rocked.
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15 Responses to “One Take scene from Gods and Monsters”

  1. Mygatotito Says:

    De acuerdo con el comentario de ukai101… Chicos: a estudiar… no solo hay que repetir el texto de memoria….

  2. ukai101 Says:

    This is a great lesson in interpretation… The original with Sir Ian McKellen and the dorkey student is so much better. The student in this version is good, but not vulnerable, much too straight acting. This version of the James Whale character is not beguiling enough, as an old queen of his stature surely must have been…

  3. ChetR Says:


  4. ncguy27215 Says:

    i’m totally turned on by the young man slowly stripping.

  5. richmeisterg Says:

    This is good man

  6. jjho8 Says:

    I like the usage of Dutch angles and the dolly zoom.

  7. charityh0pe Says:

    Dude that was really good. I enjoyed the wide shot when Kay was in his underwear. Great reshot of a great movie.

  8. samusamu Says:

    i don’t want to be too critical cuz it’s really good but i kinda feel like the mirrors are a good idea but they have not purpose other than showing the other actor. i don’t really believe that they would be sitting there in any other context. it’d be great if you could find a way to to something like this but blend it into the scene better.

  9. chukjames003 Says:

    Nice film! Now for the ending! Maybe a sequel?

  10. nationofsize Says:

    very fine. what’s the thinking behind the one take shot – what does it add – does it fit into a certain type of film?

  11. NickTick Says:

    Dude that was amazing. I’m dumbfounded. Congratulations on making a spectacular piece of film. Keep it up.

  12. psychopopcorn Says:

    Well done. sometimes the tilting camera got a little annoying. I found myself tilting my head with it. The mirror idea was great and besides one part, the actors said their lines perfectly. good job.

  13. lovelylegs111 Says:

    i have never seen this film but i think i prefer this one better..take it all off! It seems like that directing class of yours could be taking you places!

  14. Rittich Says:

    Great idea to prevent constant panning of the camera.

  15. DavidlyMe Says:

    Fascinating how a different director can take the same scene and give it an entirely different slant like that. Well done.

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