One Lady Changed Everything

September 01, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

This is my second tribute to greatest artist and performer of our time, Lady GaGa! Enjoy!

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25 Responses to “One Lady Changed Everything”

  1. TheLLoola Says:

    i am fucking crying. i love Gaga so much.

  2. carriebizzle Says:

    aw you made me so happy i cried! she changed my life as well

  3. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @ThexEdgexOfxGlory Thanks! :)

  4. ThexEdgexOfxGlory Says:

    Amazing amazing. I love this so much xxx

  5. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @LadyGagaTheGreatest Thank you! :D

  6. LadyGagaTheGreatest Says:

    you’re videos are really awesome

  7. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @96neelabk It’s called “The Fame: Part 1″

  8. 96neelabk Says:

    wat is th video at 1:13 ????

  9. unitelittlemonsters Says:

    Lady Gaga IS NOT and I repeat IS NOT a freak. She is… THE most beautiful and inspirational singer. Her songs mean something.
    We were Born This Way.
    We will all experience The Edge of Glory.
    Some of us have a Bad Romance.
    Some of us are Judas.
    Some of us are on the Highway Unicorn (The Road to Love)
    Some of us want to live as free as our Hair.
    We mean something. We are Little Monsters.
    This is our moment. Paws Up!
    Unite Little Monsters!
    Support Mother Monster!

  10. unitelittlemonsters Says:

    Those 3 haters have no imagination, no creativity, no sense of life, and no life. Lady Gaga is one…. NO! THE! most inspirational figure of all time! And she will and always will be my hero and idol.
    This is our moment.
    I Unite Little Monsters! Support Mother Monster!

  11. mlccharlottex Says:

    omg this is bloody incredible! you really captured what Gaga is all about. i wish haters could see this. shes such an amazing human being.

  12. MclovinSaysHi Says:

    Love Love Love<3 Paws Up!

  13. BiggestLilMonster Says:

    I wanna cry!!!!!! I started making a vid like this a long time ago, but yours is soooo much better!!

  14. blondiiee98 Says:

    I cried watching this, she is so inspirational. I love her. Please do another tribute except make it longer!<3

  15. GagaIsPopMusicX Says:

    I cried, this video is just amazing <3

  16. WhisperedScream9 Says:

    this is amazing, i’m going to cry!
    can i ask what the speech parts you used were from? they sound like they’re from an early interview?

  17. fantasysoul5 Says:

    Awwww!! Mother monster! RealNiceVid!

  18. TheLucifer92 Says:

    @AZPamv Well I guess that was the point… Haha sorry! :P

  19. AZPamv Says:

    @TheLucifer92 are you trying to make me cry?cause i cry watching it

  20. 33647alexpoker Says:

    Love this video!

  21. ClaessonLarzonOchCo Says:

    Beautiful video!-3 I love it, it made me cry. Mother Monster-333

  22. kristalli32 Says:

    So pretty.

  23. LordLittleMonster Says:

    @TheLucifer92 This video Is so touching, I love It! How did you make It?!

  24. madmo123456 Says:

    she has the most beautifulest soul.

  25. LordLittleMonster Says:

    Lady Gaga. You are beautiful and the whole god damn monster nation Is! We Love you!

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