old movie line "gin" "we're playing poker"?

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Question by haysme: old movie line “gin” “we’re playing poker”?
I have this image in my head of a black and white movie (I don’t think it’s a TV show) about a man and woman playing cards. Something else is going on in the room, I think. The woman puts down her cards and says “Gin”. He then turns to her and says “we’re playing poker”. Does anyone know what movie this is from? It’s driving me nuts!

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Answer by Rachel
i have heard this line before! i googled the quote and an episode of Will and Grace came up. I think that is the only place i have heard it…the episode is called “Loose Lips Sink Relationships” season 4, episode 5. the coversation is between will and karen, when she said “gin” she was actually asking for a drink. sorry if this isnt it!

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  1. TheMadProfessor Says:

    Might’ve been from “The Sting” – seems I recall one scene like that where the old con artist was playing cards with the madame of the cat house they were staying in.

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