Nitrous Ox – Strip Poker

July 14, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video


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4 Responses to “Nitrous Ox – Strip Poker”

  1. OGDonNinja Says:

    Haha, the views on this upload is funny. Pretty much explains how people works..

  2. 1001Vids Says:

    Ms JuliaBauer. Best comment ever IMO

  3. MsJuliaBauer Says:

    lol, look at who watches this… males age 45 to 53 :D !pervs! lol

  4. incogpraecox Says:

    the amount of views on this video is amazing considering my channel caters to a very specific demographic. some of the comments received are incridible; all the hate and general dissatisfaction over the simple fact that they (lonely jerkoffs – possibly racists expecting to see naked white women) were greeted by some unknown cats rhyming over their “material.” i guess some people prefer to masturbate in silence.

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