Ninja Jump Pick Up Exercise

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

SPOILER WARNING!!!! Well we still don’t have the opening yet, but I wanted to upload this already. Sorry for not putting up anything yet ^_^; And for the quality, we were a little desperate in getting this movie. Btw, I know we already made a Disturbia video but I didn’t and technically, it’s not Rhianna this time. In the middle of making this video, I figured out that the one with Hitsugaya (a dude) is sung by a girl, and this one with Coraline (a girl) is sung by a band of dudes. Go figure. I OWN NONE OF THE MATERIAL PUT INTO THIS VIDEO. CORALINE AND DISTURBIA BELONG TO THEIR PROPER OWNERS.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses to “Ninja Jump Pick Up Exercise”

  1. Writermist Says:

    Wow…. THIS WAS AWESOME!!!!
    good use of effects and great timing

  2. KtuesdayTheWolfie Says:

    Simply AMAZING!!
    The best Coraline music video i have seen!! :D 

  3. QilleWolf Says:

    One word: PERFECT!!!!

  4. kh2kike Says:

    Is this The Cab?

  5. kh2kike Says:

    I love All Time Low.

  6. kh2kike Says:

    All Time Low

  7. draculaurafan19 Says:


  8. mothaOmess Says:

    Very nice! ^^

  9. TheMscoolnerd123 Says:

    :D  awesome!

  10. JORDON583 Says:


  11. 1999luke2 Says:

    @queenlpsfan789 sry I was told it was the original

  12. queenlpsfan789 Says:

    @1999luke2 no rihanna sings the original

  13. NightmareLoveForever Says:

    This is totally perfect for this movie, it’s freakin’ creepy, but I LOVE it! :D
    AMAZING job! <3

  14. PrincessCharliexx Says:

    I Can’t Stop Watching itt!!

  15. PrincessCharliexx Says:

    OMG!!!!! AMAZINNGG!!!

  16. lust4Gaara Says:

    ……two words: FUCKING AWESOME!

  17. 2Shaila21 Says:

    @Battybatzgirl rihanna sings it

  18. GalaxyB22 Says:

    My bob! That was freaking AMAZING!!!! That was totally wicked dude!!!!

    I NEVER liked that song…Now.. Now… I LOVE THIS!!!!

  19. dAforgetful01 Says:

    This video still gives me chills owo”

  20. nebulapony Says:

    perfect timing! I love it!

  21. RosalieHale1995 Says:

    this version of the song is cool.

  22. KaraNekoChan Says:

    i like it!

  23. abby351 Says:

    put on bright light its the city of wonder annt gonng play nice woth out u mite flow under

  24. abby351 Says:

    ilovethissong did u know wut i just said

  25. abby351 Says:


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