Nerina Pallot performs her cover of Poker Face (Lady Gaga)

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Taken from Nerina Pallot’s ‘I Don’t Want To Go Out Sessions’. Monday 22ndh Feb 2010 , Nerina Pallot performs her cover of Poker Face (original by Lady Gaga) , Performed in her house in London, online via:

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25 Responses to “Nerina Pallot performs her cover of Poker Face (Lady Gaga)”

  1. MissAnellea Says:

    Does anybody have her cover of Crazy in love by Beyonce please?

  2. ilovecake151 Says:

    O. M. G. That song is freakin’ awesome!!!!!
    It should be available on iTunes!!!

  3. jukaof Says:

    I just loved it all

  4. MrStablelad Says:

    no else has sais this so i will, Great Legs
    I would love to smell whats in your drink.,
    Go all the Way to the Big Time Sweetheart.

  5. ffishfinger Says:

    thumbs up for smile @ dog 1:00 – 1:03

  6. SLud19 Says:

    her dog walking past at 4:18 is funny

  7. hails1988 Says:

    ur very talented. Enjoyed listening to ur music. x

  8. ruellan2003 Says:

    Thank you for the music! You made my day! I love your british accent! Kisses!

  9. RayzelMelik Says:

    oh my!! much much better than yhe original one!!!
    LOVED IT!!!!!!

  10. thierbox Says:

    so nice

  11. wineglasss7 Says:

    haha so cute.i’d love to be in your world(: and i would get to hear your music all the time!!

  12. jamsam2000 Says:


  13. yazminthestrange Says:

    It’s nerina pallot she can do what she wants ffs

  14. gbuent Says:

    Is there any way i can get a copy of this for my collection? I loved it. its so much better than the original. I have some friends that would love to hear this version too. i love the way she made it all jazzy. and the background story was pretty cool. please. i’m willing to pay for it.

  15. peep156 Says:

    omg. this was just amazing! I don’t really like this original song, but you just made me love it.

  16. IamMagPie Says:

    Nerina is so very cute. I just want to hug her.

  17. wineglasss7 Says:

    you’re so cute here in this video hahaha :)

  18. epistemic1 Says:

    Wow! Great cover. Personally, I think Ga Ga’s way overrated but I really enjoyed and prefered your version of Poker face. Your performance of it really shows of your talents well. Buy the way, did you intend your legs to look so beautiful in this vid? Surely not!! Excuse me, sorry, perish the thought. Ps, I think Feist is WAY better then Ga Ga. I know they’re very different artists though.

  19. ohthegaz Says:

    daft cow!!

  20. inflatablesumo Says:

    your hat’s just a wee bit silly, amazing interpretation of the song thoughh (‘;

  21. BronzeGolem Says:

    Awesome cover, better then the original!
    I would love to hear your cover of Everybody Hurts by R.E.M

  22. TheSavamd Says:

    can u stop speakin and start sing……..!!!!!!!

  23. Moonwatcher19 Says:

    loved it! That was awesome!

  24. over1000rainbows Says:

    @cellougotabass Gaga’s acoustic version is insane!! it was only when I heard it that I realised how talented she is. I prefer that version (and Nerina’s version as well) to the radio dancefloor version

  25. cellougotabass Says:

    I love Nerina and Gaga, so a great combination here.

    Has anyone else heard Lady Gaga’s own acoustic version of Poker Face? You can find it on youtube. It’s pretty good too and really rather catchy.

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