naruto girls POKER FACE

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9 Responses to “naruto girls POKER FACE”

  1. KalinPopov Says:

    hey man can you send me some of the pics from this video? send me a message if you can to tell you which ones :)

  2. vuki271 Says:

    this video is so cool…i dont look Naruto…but this video as we say in Serbia…..EXTRA…witch means vhery god!

  3. Mtvbella Says:

    i love naruto and all the other best anime inja cartoons

  4. themac888 Says:

    It’s Temari and Gaara, not Tenten.

  5. frankenstiendaughter Says:

    ten ten and gaar are not related

  6. frankenstiendaughter Says:

    cool video i like the sakura and sasuke pics

  7. JashinistLea Says:

    Thanks Be Sure To Message Me When Its Ready

  8. shikaino16 Says:

    ok thanks! just wait i’m gonna make it for you! :)

  9. JashinistLea Says:

    YAY!!! I Am The First To Comment!!!! This IS A Really Good Video But There Are Some Couples That I Thought Were Cool And Gross Like Neji And Hinata And Temari and Gaara I Mean They Are Siblings. The Picture @ 3:35 Is Sooo Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love The Video You Should Make One Of Naruto Girls Of Girlfriend But Avril LAvinge Thank BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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