Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight) HQ

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Lyrics: – Lady (hear me tonight) Lady hear me tonight Coz’ my feeling is just so right As we dance by the moonlight Can’t you see you’re my daylight Lady I just feel like I won’t get you out of my mind I feel love for the first time And I know that it is true I can tell by…
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23 Responses to “Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight) HQ”

  1. greenholigans16 Says:

    Danielle favorite..

  2. rbnphlp Says:

    @PinchPotPeterPan 3232323

  3. davcpas123 Says:

    0:30 – Pierre Choiniere
    1:07 – Ariadne Artiles
    2:00 – Emily Scott
    3:05 – Danielle Lloyd
    4:00 – Jana Jordan
    4:30 – Nicole Scherzinger

  4. TheDanamater Says:

    2:00 Bitch got a bulge! :0

  5. CDCANDIES Says:

    The very esscence of ”Chic”

  6. Swagger565 Says:

    reminds me at good times when I was 13/14… the girls weren’t that pretty though LOL (I wish they were, would’ve been even better times)

  7. PinchPotPeterPan Says:

    whos the girl at 1:10?
    and 2:02?

  8. JustAnotherAsianGuy2 Says:

    i don’t know but the girls on here are hot !!!!

  9. gazellegilbert Says:

    My favourite  dance song … NICE !!!

  10. MrHippymoose Says:

    Kinda sounds like One More Time by Daft Punk.

  11. AintNoPromiseLand Says:

    Brilliant Track This..Sound of Summer :~)

  12. frisbytron3000 Says:

    HQ!!!! I love this!! Thanks!

  13. LentejOfficial Says:

    1:24 who’s that?/? Im in love

  14. saki14duh Says:

    boobs 0.o …. lol j.k i love this song!

  15. Cobra1Alpha Says:

    I think i would have loved it back in the 80s :) Nice set up with the CHICKS :) Makes the song all that much enjoyable t listen t LOl

  16. ashraf1967ca Says:

    ive been looking for this song for almost a year and i finally found it I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

  17. PHDdARkNeSs Says:

    high quality like the nineties

  18. ardentspirits Says:

    yeah…….finallyyy  HQ thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx…………

  19. ROspook Says:

    finally HQ. cheers mate

  20. chTbest Says:

    my favr song d(^.^)b

    1:02 girl name :D ?

  21. eumm11 Says:

    classic ;) 

  22. ImperialStarkiller Says:

    perfect quality.

  23. TechnoVikingAlive Says:

    Cool vid and song :D

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