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RakeBack: Tournament Poker Edge Website: Pokerstars Home Game Tournaments. Every Sunday Club ID 529887 Invite: theevhero +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Evhero’s live strip poker hand history review for March 21st 2011 at 1-2NL 6max. Milk in a bag who would have thought. I need to slow down a bit when going through these hands in the video. Sorry if I contradict myself a few times I’m going to choose 4 or 5 hands from now on to get my thoughts across clearer. If you have any other topics you want covered on my live strip poker blog leave a question below. Cheers http itunes podcast:

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  1. Izaak247 Says:

    Ur so good. I’m not being sarcastic ur analysis is genias. I need to stop being arrogant in this game I’m shit haha

  2. MrJonnyboy36 Says:

    How much was that bag of milk?

  3. dandruf Says:

    what ever happened to these videos. i love your hand history videos

  4. theEVhero Says:

    @sickcallwu87 I know I thought it was all over the place. From London man

  5. sickcallwu87 Says:


  6. zandaofly Says:

    Im also interested to know what kind of preflop stats you would expect of a strong player – eg at the limit your playing at, what would a player you respect’s stats look like. perhaps you could include this in a possible video about the software you use.

  7. zandaofly Says:

    haha damn you got unlucky – imo 53 could check turn (unless your stats say otherwise). theres no real draw you can have at that point unless its an ace something of spades. if you have say 10 10 or a weak ace he doesnt want to lose you on the turn. Dont feel too bad about this vid – you got pretty unlucky in a lot of these pots. I didn’t really understand what you were saying with your kings hand. my take was you were expecting to be 4bet by AJ or better and weak aces wouldnt raise you.

  8. cannabisbisbisbisbis Says:

    they had bags in BC back in the 90′s. i remember i had them when i was small

  9. gaffirl123 Says:

    hey hero love the vids as usual, as i said on another video, i want to start palying poker professionally, im thinking either super turbos with 200 buy ins (like you suggested) or starting with 0.5/0.10 cent nolimit with 5k big blinds, which do you think is better? also what poker software do you use, what do you recommend and why do you use it? appreciate any help you can give cheers man!

  10. boryahL Says:

    do more like this :)

    i wish next time you’ll have some

    big pots that you won

  11. theEVhero Says:

    @wildDuces234 To block out the names I use what’s called a callout in Camtasia which is the screen capture software I use.

  12. wildDuces234 Says:

    Love the video- I use to post poker videos- and by far the best results were the hand history videos. But i did not know how to Block out names on the screen as u have done here. How can I do that if i get inspired to make new HH vids?
    Skim Plus! the Plus is in the taste! lol

  13. CantBeblank Says:

    I don’t think that milk in a bad its Canadian thing, in Israel we got it and in cartoon, in bag its cheaper that’s all . :P on the 2′s , well I’m not sure I would call the all in, and the pocket Kings call on all in at that turn was kinda bad I think, the board too wet man, any ace was enough.good choose to bet only 22 with the str, damn river! poker.
    I think fold on the turn with the AK,I put him on str or 2 pairs. I would kinda play the same with the aces, maybe I would raise the turn, gl nxt!

  14. SHIPIT01 Says:

    @trapeznik A good reg will flat AA here,AK,AQ and lots of other hands EVHero didn’t mention. We could do this all do but we won’t. You mention some good points yes. Hands are good for talking about our views on everything, the real fact of the matter is each hand is different regardless of history, stats or whatever…. unless like you say one of them is a NIT-BOT :)

  15. SHIPIT01 Says:

    @trapeznik 20:1 may be some leggo poker or duece cracked good for set mining preflop, but I think that in certain postions vs some oppenants esecailly with history there just not going to fold a hand which can cripple you. In this hand EVHero mentions he had history. I find it hard to belive if you was on the other end of the hand here you going to fold a pair preflop knowing that you can stack him, float him IP and make a play at the pot with the hands like I mentioned I first though 5d-6d.

  16. trapeznik Says:

    pt 2: u are assuming he is a nit, and i am obviously fine with folding even the flop in that case. but that is not a standard reg attitude, those who are raising here will be highly unbalanced here meaning they will have much more bluffs than value hands, now if they are very good regs they might have balanced raising range here which means u will not make any profit by calling KK here, but u shouldn’t assume that until u get a better read.

  17. trapeznik Says:

    20:1 is the standard rule suggested in this situation, because of the reasons i mentioned, and villain only needs to call 13$ after our 3bet, so he needs to win 260 from evhero back by that rule. but that is not even the point, i m saying that there are different types of opponents:
    some dont raise anything on that flop, some raise only nuts (nits), and 3rd type opponents actually raise value + bluff hands, so if u put a player only on these few combos which highly dominate u, then

  18. SHIPIT01 Says:

    @theEVhero I don’t think it’s a donk play. You stated your thought process well at the time of the hand. This hand just turned into a leveling war that’s all.

  19. SHIPIT01 Says:

    @Sholomo22 The later part of your post has some good points which we are all aware of from both sides of the hand. The only thing I agree with which you have said is, more money a player has more profitable the call is going to be. But that is kinda just stating the obvious :)

  20. SHIPIT01 Says:

    @Sholomo22 At the start of the hand villan has $202. It’s $18 to call after we 3-bet. That gives villan 11.2:1 on the chance of making an 8.5:1(I’m a bit rusty but believe that is the correct odds to hit a set preflop)
    I’m not sure were you got the 20:1 figure from to make a set preflop but you’re far out. Also lets say you was right(even though your very wrong)260BB which would be $520 and that would be 28.8:1

  21. Sholomo22 Says:

    u dont have implied odds for low pocket pairs, u need 1:20, which is at least 260bb, or evhero must be total nit who u can stack everytime u hit ur set, but that won’t happen, so i expect most regs don’t call w low pairs here, and others who do call have to make some moves postflop and not just fit or fold to make this preflop call profitable. 1& 2 of my point does not contradict coz they are already 2 different types of opponents one who have raising range and other who dont.

  22. theEVhero Says:

    @Sholomo22 settle down guys, you shoulda played those kings mike ;) I have to listen to edward norton. That’s my thought process :) we all make donk plays can’t be perfect.

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