Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Learns Italian on The Ellen Show

October 31, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Since “Jersey Shore” is headed to Italy next season, Ellen took the opportunity to teach “The Situation” a few phrases he’s sure to need! Follow me on, Facebook – tinyurl.com Twitter – tinyurl.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Learns Italian on The Ellen Show”

  1. 9edoardo9 Says:

    I’m Italian and i work in a Hotel, there are english and american tourist which speaks Italian better than him, and he’s supposed to be ”100% italian”. The only word he exactely pronunced was ”conosco”, but sincerely i haven’t understood neither one of the other words he read…

  2. hash1212121212 Says:

    he has horrible abs.

  3. hash1212121212 Says:

    bum rushing LOL

  4. xxMissVanessax Says:



  5. Mileneum69 Says:

    He’s like Joey on Friends

  6. kimberlywinchester Says:

    thumbs up if you’re italian
    pollice in su se sei italiano/a ;)

  7. kimberlywinchester Says:

    @BeatrixFairyQueen ahah okay allora con te parlo italiano perché anche io lo parlo (sono italiana)…comunque le uniche due parole che ho capito sono: lettino, e dopo conosco ellen degeneres xD

  8. razoraudi Says:

    What a fucking idiot!!!!!
    I am a black American living in Italy and this guy sucks
    Italians are not like him at all

  9. reggaetonpimp Says:

    sitch your hilarious! and i love Ellen!

  10. rgur90x Says:

    wow that was embarassing…

  11. YOUVEbeenTROLLEDlawl Says:

    i <3 sitchy lowl

  12. mistercannas Says:

    @BeatrixFairyQueen I think the same, I’m italian too :)

  13. Sophsterful Says:

    omgggggggggggggggggggg and this fu** calls himself italian

  14. drakoran Says:

    he sounds like some mage casting a spell in an ancient demonic language

  15. downtriangle Says:

    @Augustrush1011 well he did… and she gave him a blow job lol. I mean remember that episode when snooki and jenni fought at the wine tasting event? Janni said “I can let everyone know the truth about you.” And snooki got all pissed. Also, retarded Sammi said that “maybe Mike is telling the truth..” I say he banged snooki 100% haha

  16. FerraTiKarinaNeil Says:

    @Colombianoo184 Girls want to kiss and/or have sex with guys who act gay/girly? Go Figure!

  17. Augustrush1011 Says:

    i fuckin hate him so much he said that he had sex with snkooi

  18. Colombianoo184 Says:

    @FerraTiKarinaNeil obviously its working to get girls…

  19. ownedzaros Says:

    @sandrodream1 his face looks like a bulldog

  20. erikoen Says:

    you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know you know

  21. MrStonecold69 Says:

    if u look up the word
    in the dictionary there is a picture of the situation beside it
    fucking MORON

  22. clois95 Says:

    Thumbs up if you don’t care who sent you here, it’s been a complete waste of 2:16 minutes of your life that could have been wonderful. Btw, I’m Italian too and I swear to God I could not understand a word of what he said… that’s just stupid ignorance, nothing to laugh at. COMPLETE.WASTE.OF.TIME.

  23. dlloalpha Says:

    @hulkhogantupaclover yea man !!! i mean, i know the show is stupid…but man i love the situation lolll…hes the best !!! #no homo#

  24. andyrigoc Says:

    dov’è il lettino abbronzante più vicino!! auhauha ho faticato a capire.

  25. AlpranoMo73 Says:

    i dont know
    … yes you do LOL

  26. Svetlana5507 Says:

    OMG! Wow!!

  27. skylaxrthomas Says:

    i luv these videos

  28. sweetteaforever Says:

    It looks like you just simified the original vid..Good Job (:

  29. IsRCooki Says:

    your amazing :O well done :D

  30. MegCute12 Says:

    iinn whatt program do you ediit videoos??? PLEASE REPLY ! PLZ <3

  31. TerryTheTitan Says:

    i don’t no wut this song is about

  32. TerryTheTitan Says:

    brothers i meant

  33. TerryTheTitan Says:

    opps rong one i’m on my bropthers lol :D

  34. TerryTheTitan Says:

    i really want this game

  35. 96dominoes Says:

    is it just me, or does the guy playing roulette with her look a bit like justine timberlake?

  36. simsmoviemaker111 Says:


  37. babyphatgirl9o3 Says:

    THIS IS EXACTLYYYY like the original video OMG Rihanna herself should see this

  38. Peachesfolife Says:


  39. babyphatgirl9o3 Says:

    OMG you did SUCH A GREAT JOB!, I even watched the real video side by side in a pop out window and it looks EXACTLY like the video , you got everything down from the flickering lights & effects to the shadows and the movement of her body

  40. xxprincessxxpopcornx Says:


  41. Relay28 Says:

    @kristal397 I’m guessing with Sims, a few greenscreens and an editing program..

  42. kristal397 Says:

    really!@!@! how did you do this???!!! im freakin out.. i wanna know!!

  43. sophlee09x Says:


  44. LJSing28 Says:

    look so much like her so impressed how do you even get started on doing this? so curious let me know plz.

  45. TheCandygirl115 Says:

    i just realized how crappy other videos are compared to this

  46. martha368 Says:

    my only question: how the hell did you get the fan?? lol

  47. TheCandygirl115 Says:

    best one i have seen yet

  48. grusuk Says:


  49. SuMm3rDuH Says:

    might as well be the real friqqin thinqq this is like WOW

  50. GirlKimPossible Says:

    SO PERFECT! How did you do it?!

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