Mika Blame It On The Girls Jools Holland Later Sept 29 2009

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Mika perfoms live on Jools Holland Later.
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25 Responses to “Mika Blame It On The Girls Jools Holland Later Sept 29 2009”

  1. kely870 Says:

    GREAT! but hmm.. wait a minute.. i think the lyrics are wrong…. mika ugly? :S

  2. gvozdimi Says:

    I really love his live performances. He always sounds different. Like them even more than recordings. And that is the quality that not many musicians today have.

  3. Gothicgizzmo Says:

    @TwoDaysGrace Cos I can see someone else playing the piano too XD

  4. Gothicgizzmo Says:

    I watched mika perform every time on this, it always makes me smile. Mika is the best!

  5. minoshin Says:


  6. 00003334 Says:

    mika number 1

  7. RawrTessersz Says:

    Girl drummer, FTW.

  8. TwoDaysGrace Says:

    Never liked prince, to old-fashioned for me. haha.

  9. drf38z Says:

    @TwoDaysGrace YES! Very catchy tune, but will fade away soon. Reminds me a little of Prince, but, with more of a Pop sound (commercial money maker).

  10. beancatvn Says:

    LMAO, didn’t you see the guy in green t-shirt sat there with a huge keyboard? Of cause you would need someone there to keep the music going when Mika stood up and sang.

  11. TwoDaysGrace Says:

    Anyone notices that the piano music goes on after he leaves the piano?XD

  12. giga150 Says:

    he is great………..

  13. phildirt3 Says:

    man those backup chicks are so cute

  14. Llawliet93 Says:

    mika do it better XDXDXD

  15. michelle31891 Says:

    I love MIKA. I just want to shrink him down and carry him around in my pocket so he can sing to me and I can be happy all the time. He’s just so cute! And his songs are brilliant!

  16. kyevitsa Says:

    How can a man be SO handsome? Yes, I want to be ugly like you, please!

  17. miffy25 Says:

    My little prince Mika!
    I love you!

  18. gitte1958 Says:

    mika ist einfach fantastisch – unbeschreiblich – wunderbar – ein toller künstler – er ist wie er sein soll – verrückt und witzig – ich bin ein mika fan von anfang an – lg gitte ;-) )
    - happy new year 2010 – for all mika fans

  19. elenuky1992 Says:

    Me encanta esta cancion

  20. AshMonday Says:

    @colesl4w That is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard.

  21. colesl4w Says:

    Mika is the only person I’ve heard sound good on Jools Holland out of the bands I’ve listened to who’ve done performances on there, its too bad.

  22. katraj0102 Says:

    I love mika and esp. This song

  23. Fernyrocks42 Says:

    He sings so well live

  24. playbera Says:

    MIKA is the best!!! love him so much <3

  25. milopiina Says:


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