Matusow afraid – WSOP 2009 – Fold Flush – This is Intristing Poker Video Moments Collection 4c4x6

January 30, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

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7 Responses to “Matusow afraid – WSOP 2009 – Fold Flush – This is Intristing Poker Video Moments Collection 4c4x6”

  1. LiveTheHighLifeKUSH Says:

    the only interesting thing about this video is where you were taught your spelling

  2. foradilma1 Says:

    It was almost his entire stack, commentor said. Blinds 150/300, he had more than 50BB, tight opponent…Good fold i think.

  3. 123THERollyboy Says:

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  4. GoldenBoyXCM Says:

    it was only 16 k more

  5. Izaak247 Says:

    What a stupid shove. Tbh mike shudda slow played n e way

  6. britewired Says:

    I don’t know what the next payjump would be, couldbe a be a profitable fold

  7. m4ttis Says:

    Intristing??! haha!

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