Marty St. Louis plays Naked Shootout

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Think strip live strip poker, but in a shootout. During a Lightning practice, St. Louis took part in a game called “Naked Shootout,” which involves taking off a piece of equipment every time you fail to score on a shot. Courtesy:
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Hank gets ambushed by Tuco’s cousins who are set on vengence for Tuco’s murder. For more check out the official site: . Breaking Bad airs Sundays, 10PM | 9C on AMC
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50 Responses to “Marty St. Louis plays Naked Shootout”

  1. thecrazygene1 Says:

    Were they drunk? O_o lol

  2. Mrblowjobjew Says:

    @OfficerNinja umm… it the title said naked shootout duh

  3. OfficerNinja Says:

    @Mrblowjobjew umm…does anyone else find this comment slightly gay???

  4. captxunderpants Says:

    6 people feel robbed

  5. Mrblowjobjew Says:

    Does he show his dick and ass?

  6. javsjavs09 Says:

    I wonder what would happen if he never got it in?

  7. pandrews1993 Says:

    stammer is a cutie!

  8. bokin6 Says:

    he should have taken his pants off XD

  9. erfurter93 Says:

    does one has to do something to watch the practice or does one just sit there and watch?

  10. Jess0914 Says:

    tooooooo funnyyyyyyy!!!

  11. 99Bananas007 Says:

    Good To See Them Having Fun!!

  12. tubeuser147 Says:

    Marty, I knew you were a stripper

  13. rockandrolljoe77 Says:

    6 ppl dont know how to have fun

  14. jonehiltunen Says:


  15. AngelJose0 Says:


  16. mikelinjo Says:


  17. MrBigBadBobby Says:

    This game is much better with woman

  18. 94TheNextOne Says:

    Nice ;)
    Thats what we going to do tommorow at training.
    8 :00 am .
    Nice thing for the team

  19. elhefe4 Says:


  20. TheAceofNate Says:

    he’s my height and im 14. lol

  21. buker420 Says:

    @bostonadvantage no hockey team takes time out of practice to learn how to skate with 1 skate on, please don’t lie because i know this for a fact.

  22. MegaCrowman Says:

    I’d like to try that with Haley Wickenheiser

  23. ChopperCity47 Says:

    @milkandmeat defensemen cant tell who

  24. bostonadvantage Says:

    @lawnkorn47 i can kinda skate on one foot my team is taught that by professinals

  25. snipercole08 Says:


  26. myfacesp Says:

    @nelyat13 well, i saw breaking bad before i had seen any of the episodes of earl with raymond cruz, so when i saw those i was like “its tuco”. But i had seen a lot of eartl episodes with the hooker before i saw the atm one, so when i watched it i was thinking “is that the hooker from my name is earl?”

  27. nelyat13 Says:

    anyone used to watch my name is earl?, ahah tuco was paco, and the methhead wife who crushed her husbands head with the ATM is patty the hooker

  28. vivesone Says:

    maybe the best scene until now…amazing!

  29. imbalist Says:

    I literally DID NOT BLINK from the time he was called till the end , Hank thought in this episode he is no cop material …. but he was mistaken , no ? hehe

  30. leocdc7 Says:

    I remember exactly how exhausted I was after that scene. One of the most intense TV experiences of my life, and for me the single greatest scene of last year television.
    And you know what?? This year the show is even better than the awesome Season 3.
    That’s how BB kick ass! Be prepared Emmy that next year BB is coming for everything.

  31. rrafw Says:

    Tough Motherfucker

  32. EatMyDuck84 Says:

    5 people were writers for The Sopranos…..previously the best show on television.

  33. MysticDMBherb Says:

    @Andreilg3 Idk I think they are cool, scary, and dumb. I like them. And Hank was not going to work…maybe the Cartel knew this. Or maybe they just got lucky..

  34. Andreilg3 Says:

    @MysticDMBherb cartel =/= unproffessional thats how you get killed, like i keep saying theyre supposed to be the cool scary proffessionals come to kill hank yet theyre retards which is what ruins them for me, also they both look like afrojack to me lmao and like i said a dea doesnt drive to work in his own car so yes it is, look back at ep 1-2

  35. ZacO8965 Says:

    I was so fucking tense during this scene! This show is incredible, how they delivered this scene with the music and direction is amazing. I don’t think I have ever been on the edge of my seat as much as I was during this, goes for any movie too. Greatest shootout ever!

  36. disasterchief117 Says:

    I literally paused the video halfway through this scene and needed to pace around the room because it was just too goddamn intense to watch the first time. Good lord this is a good show.

  37. MysticDMBherb Says:

    @Andreilg3 Well they are Cartel…they obviously don’t care. Despite the fact they they will do anything (even if it be reckless) to get revenge, thats how they do their dirty work…they take their chances. We saw it when they murdered the Indian cop when they could have easily just hid, and when they went to kill Walt in his home, most likely with no knowledge of his families schedule, they could have been caught. And who said Hank’s car was bullet proof? Its not a DEA car

  38. derekn4 Says:

    that was fucking incredible. hank is such a good-hearted loudmouth bad ass. love that guy

  39. dunder567 Says:

    This is the best five minutes of television that ever happened

  40. hansbockler Says:

    the scene was riveting!

  41. 0180917 Says:

    Just a little advice: when you see a badass-looking guy wearing a suit and holding a gun, don’t say anything.

  42. Andreilg3 Says:

    @dyockey it was an exageration and no that was the same car he uses when he works as a DEA officer they get issued cars you know, it should be bulletproof and etc… hes in the same car ep 1 or 2 when hes busting jessie’s partner. and yes a swat team can be anywhere in 5minutes, i was exagerating but the fact that they thought it would just be boom and get out even though they were taking their sweet ass time means they dont fit the professional characteristics

  43. dyockey Says:

    @Andreilg3 He wasn’t in a “tank” car..he was in his own car driving home. Also there is no way in hell they could assemble a SWAT team and dispatch a helicopter in that short amount of time…

  44. californiaconor78 Says:

    Hank is a badass.

  45. SumbleForever Says:

    @stealthsh00ter He had body armor on, watch the show sometime, it’s pretty good.

  46. SumbleForever Says:

    @Andreilg3 You’re a fucking moron.

  47. mccormickn Says:

    Basically the definition of “BOOM HEADSHOT!”

  48. GeddyYeti2112 Says:

    When the guy turned Hank over with his foot and Hank grunted, I laughed so hard. And I felt so bad afterwards.

  49. meNtor890 Says:

    @dirtyscanhez I’ve seen it all too. You say they were reckless because Hank wouldn’t be expecting them? That’s the only reason I can think of and I don’t think it’s a good reason.

  50. djeffincrzzy Says:

    i LOVE this show.

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