Marilyn Monroe – Rock Show (Lady Gaga Unreleased Track)

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“I’ve had too many fantasies to be a housewife.” – Marilyn Monroe. I tried to make the clips in this video go with the lyrics and to mirror her life. Song by Lady Gaga. If you like my vids be my friend on facebook
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Lady Gaga on 60 minutes Interview Sunday (After to Grammys)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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47 Responses to “Marilyn Monroe – Rock Show (Lady Gaga Unreleased Track)”

  1. jeromegaucher Says:

    sympathique vidéo de marylin monroe,si vous etes fans,aller sur un store qui s’appelle fashion-fan-store.

  2. JCMaldonado13 Says:

    SoundHound tells me this is Poker Face!

  3. MaryAliceWeis Says:

    @doodl3bugg13 yes, it’s from some a photo session with a Life photographer, in it she portrays other famous movie stars, in that pic she was doing Theda Bara. She also sent that pic to a fox exectutive in hopes that she could get to play cleopatra

  4. ZayGaGa91 Says:

    2:38-2:42 is amazing.

  5. ZayGaGa91 Says:

    First off Hydes, I’m a BadAssChickFan as well. I’m also really passionate in filmmaking, Lady GaGa, and Pop Culture.

    And I must say you did a great job with the editing in this song. You definitely captured the spirit of the lyrics and drew an accurate line comparing it to Marylin’s life. You used the perfect shots for some of the lyrics, and the last two cuts are amazing. Great job!

  6. carriebizzle Says:

    wow really good video

  7. readytorockify Says:

    AHahah That Guy In 1:41 was really very Shocked!

  8. luciasko Says:

    This is Released -.-”

  9. doodl3bugg13 Says:

    That’s not Marilyn in the beginning is it?

  10. jrmints80 Says:

    @LoquaciousByNature I have to respectfully disagree. MM was beautiful as Norma Jean and was a talented model before becoming an actress, a talented one at that had anyone been able to see beyond how beautiful she was. Gaga….. well she is an entertainer… not my style of music as it is a bit too much show for me but she is certainly an entertainer. But she isn’t MM at all

  11. ew1951 Says:

    This is a great piece of art. Incredibly well-edited. A perfect music choice. Probably the best YT video-tribute I’ve ever seen (other than ‘ Natalie Wood Tribute tube13you ‘). Great work Moonie.

  12. chavrons1 Says:

    @HydesBadAssChickFan To be honest Hydes when i was a young girl and she appeared on TV, at the time going back well over 30 years ago, she was thought of as a sex symbol. She wasn’t my cup of tea, but there were plenty that adored her. I agree with you in Part, Gaga is trying to use her persona, to use Marilyn’s popularity to win appeal. It’s a shame they can’t have their own sense of self without trying to copy other’s.

  13. chavrons1 Says:

    I was about five when she was on TV. Sorry not my cup of tea the way they made her portray herself, yet she taught me to stay well away from men who were only after looks and the outside package. What’s inside a person is always more important, not what they try and portray to get adoration by using makeup,fame and use their bodies. I thought the song was weird, as if Gaga was mirroring Monroe to get attention. I put it down to celebrity Narcissism.

  14. HydesBadAssChickFan Says:

    @chavrons1 4 This is all irrelivant, the point is I don’t think it is respectful of anyone to make art speculating on anyones private sexual life.Gaga is speculating on JFK and MM’s private sex life and you know what I don’t really give two Sh*ts about her sex life. I concider anyone that does a discusting pervert.I focus on the art she did not on her personal life.The reason I love her is her acting and her modeling.If peope want to focus on the negative and sex their stupid, thats my belief

  15. HydesBadAssChickFan Says:

    @chavrons1 Number 3 – Looking at someone’s life as either happy or sad is very narrow minded. Everyone has depressed times and hardships they need to overcome in life, no ones life is perfect. Norma Jeane did not let her childhood or divorces keep her down and depressed. She still pursued her acting career that was her childhood dream and became successful. After all her divorces she went back to work, after Joe she went to work on 7 YI and did many scenes with only one take days after divorce.

  16. HydesBadAssChickFan Says:

    @chavrons1 Number 2 – Norma Jeane did have people that loved her in her childhood, such as her Aunt Grace and Her Aunt Anna who she adored and loved. She also meet her sister when she was 16. Her sister and first husband both describe her as a sweet innocent girl. As for her husbands, JOE WAS ALWAYS THERE FOR HER, even after they divorced they remained close friends and he never remarried.

  17. HydesBadAssChickFan Says:

    @chavrons1 Number1 – I have read TONS of books on her written by people that KNEW her very well! LIKE HER OWN SISTER!! Have you read any books on her? That version of her childhood is a myth, invented by her to protect people she loved. I honesty don’t think you have ever read any books on her life. You cant just read her wiki page and think you know everything. It looks like you are assuming she was a miserable person? Even though she worked her ass off to get where she did.

  18. chavrons1 Says:

    @HydesBadAssChickFan Did you know her personally hydes?
    Monroe’s childhood was pretty rotten, being passed from guardian to guardian with no love or stability.
    Then marrying without love and unable to give love and stability because of her upbringing and fame. When i heard the song I thought Gaga could place her shoes into those of Monroe as if she was a reincarnation of her. Nothing wrong with that Hydes, just different people’s belief’s.

  19. lgcmay1 Says:

    @HydesBadAssChickFan Ok well if its out so if you listen to the lyrics it only says one thing about MM and it doesnt even say her directly so ya.

  20. HydesBadAssChickFan Says:

    @lgcmay1 I didn’t say it was about her, @jacd2k9 did. I was just saying IF those lyrics are about her they are once again misleading as to who MM really was. Norma Jeane was a very sweet intelligent hard working person, she was absolutly nothing like her screen image. She doesn’t deserve people writing songs that assume things about her sex life years after she has passed away. It’s very childish. I wish people would just let her rest in peace.

  21. chavrons1 Says:

    Sounds as though Lady Gaga feels a reincarnation of Marilyn Monroe.

  22. lgcmay1 Says:

    @HydesBadAssChickFan You really shouldnt read un official lyrics….And the whole thing is NOT about Marilyn Monroe.

  23. jacd2k9 Says:

    @HydesBadAssChickFan I was just assuming from some of the lyrics like “I’m gonna drink my tears tonight
    I’m gonna drink my tears and cry
    ‘Cause I know you love me baby + Put your hands on me
    John F. Kennedy
    I’ll make you squeal baby ” but I am also not a hardcore MM fan and I was just assuming the song could be based oh her? I don’t know? The song was just a snippet/remix that Gaga played at the Theirry Mugler fashion show we don’t even have the full song yet. It was just a thought

  24. HydesBadAssChickFan Says:

    @jacd2k9 well, from the lyrics I saw, it looks like another person that is not a hardcore fan of MM assuming the same old misconsepted beliefs about who she was. Any fan MM thats read hundreds of books on her life, will tell you it’s all been said before, we just sigh, shake our heads and move on.

  25. ilyatje Says:

    She really loves her fans ♥. Not every celeb loves her/his fans so much.

  26. ilyatje Says:

    Mother Monster♥

  27. WishingXBelowXDreams Says:

    @GemTech2012 Oh come off it. Nobody rly cares. People can’t even trip nowadays without thinking they’re satanic. Land of the free, buddy. Don’t force ur beliefs on other people. How would you like me preaching to you about how science pretty much disproves ur bible? Wouldn’t like that very much wouldja?

  28. MrTizgo Says:

    Anderson !!!! Mmmmmmmm Daddy .. How about a 29 y’o hot and fun ?? Hahahaha just kidding ——- noooooot thk God I’m gay :) 

  29. HPislegend248 Says:

    @carlitoleonelli25 Well first of all, everyone’s so distracted by her clothes, no one ever talks about her personal life, which can be a real bonus when you’re that famous. Also she explained why she puts a ton of shit in clothing and make up in the first 10 secs of the vid.

  30. GemTech2012 Says:

    that is not who she is..she is a phony Satanic,AntiChrist serving Demon from she is now..but her real self would be serving God Jesus and witnessing Gods word…we all are trying to fit into the world when we do even belong to it..we belong to God..this is only a seconds of our life compared to the eternity that awaites us..Lady Gaga has a Lake of fire waiting for her at the end of this life that will seem as if were only a secont long when facing etherinty.Satan will collect on her.

  31. xCARSARESEXY Says:


  32. nycslumz Says:


  33. jonariesd Says:

    SHE LOOKS SO SWEET!! I love her…

  34. oscarlari08 Says:

    Lady Gaga always looks beautiful when she’s not wearing crazy stuff or tons of makeup…..

  35. crazyhorses1231 Says:

    @SweetheartConstance do i see you sending food to somalia

  36. TheFuriousDuane Says:

    when she looks normal she is quite the looker

  37. BarryDennen12 Says:

    Drugs are bad, kids.

  38. carlitoleonelli25 Says:

    wow she doesn’t look bad at all i don’t know why she hast to put a ton of shit in clothing and make up she looks great here

  39. KimberlyLovesYa Says:

    Why does she get to be so pretty? So FREAKING!! not fair:(

  40. QualityTimeChannel Says:

    I like her as a person more and more as I hear more of her interviews, I’m just not a fan of her music.

  41. maryjane4teamhelena Says:

    wait im confused i thought she didnt like people to call her gaga

  42. Mamboleo1995 Says:

    @jinatillitson oh because you look like a model.?? haha don’t say “we”, implying all of us. I happen to like her music. maybe you should listen to some bob marly and just CHILL.

  43. Muirehann Says:

    She looks a tad drunk…

  44. GizmoFromPizmo Says:

    I’m gaga for Gaga!

  45. DiJone Says:

    @LizardGorgeous try that again, only this time you should try and make sense.

  46. jinatillitson Says:

    omg you stupid fucken untalented whore go away we hate you! your ugly and the child of a rich ass evil basterd thats why your famous! FUCK YOU UGLY BITCH!

  47. Ronalds97 Says:

    WOW her face looks fat and she sounds weird!!!

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