Marilyn Monroe – River Of No Return Part 10 – The End

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Matt Calder, who lives on a remote farm with his young son Mark, helps two unexpected visitors who lose control of their raft on the nearby river. Harry Weston is a gambler by profession and he is racing to the nearest town to register a mining claim he has won in a live strip poker game. His attractive wife Kay, a former saloon hall girl, is with him. When Calder refuses to let Weston have his only rifle and horse, he simply takes them leaving his wife behind. Unable to defend themselves against a likely Indian attack, Calder, his son and Kay Weston begin the treacherous journey down the river on the raft Weston left behind
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26 Responses to “Marilyn Monroe – River Of No Return Part 10 – The End”

  1. PrincessDarkMarss Says:

    loved marilyn and robert mitchum together in this film plus the little kid all three of them worked really great together

  2. Dehzee Says:

    That is a seriously crazy message to send to young men about how to couple up with a woman.

  3. Dehzee Says:

    That kid is so getting a horse on his sixteenth birthday!

  4. MissLoveSoup Says:

    I love Marilyn in this movie , she plays a street smart woman rather than the dumb blonde hollywood so often cast her as , her speaking voice is amazing . I think she acted wonderfully in this movie .
    Love the way Matt clamied his woman at the end , they had great chemistry .
    God bless you for uploading .

  5. JBmiddleOFnoWHERE Says:

    Marilyn is so stunning in this movie!!!!

  6. Menna9019 Says:

    where can i find part 9?

  7. JawBreakerJimmy Says:

    @walterjr316 O NO! Its all ruined lol

  8. BeliebInGaming Says:

    WOW That is so AMAZING!!!!

  9. MikeyJLove4EVER Says:

    LOL!!! LOVE IT! XD

  10. MovieLuna Says:


  11. walterjr316 Says:

    at the end you made it go left when it was souppose to be right!

  12. selena9449 Says:


  13. Bellisen16 Says:


  14. TheZahirProduction Says:

    love it!!!

  15. kinga6love Says:

    wow fajne dużo kasy ma.fajny teledysk mam w domu sims 2.I from Poland

  16. 0LadyAnna0 Says:

    wow! it’s awesome! this clip is so real :D ! good job! my fave sim clip!

  17. FirstLittleMonster Says:

    GREAT! :D

  18. mspinkypimp Says:

    hey , I love this video

  19. Amrisw5 Says:

    Super =) !

  20. Simsfreakify Says:

    You are thebest!!! : – ]

  21. lavasava Says:

    great work

  22. 1LaksmiSims1 Says:

    One of my fave videos made by you!

  23. Siims3LoliiFreak Says:

    Geil gemacht ^^

  24. cb4dogs Says:

    how do you actually do that in the sims

  25. TheBumbleBunny Says:

    Yay !!! ; D

  26. stevenutah Says:

    Woooww! (: That’s Great!

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