Mansion88 Party@Macau

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Mansion88 Party at Macau 12/07
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20 Responses to “Mansion88 Party@Macau”

  1. phamminhcuong1999 Says:


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  2. nguyenhoang08 Says:

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  3. scorezaa Says:

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  4. pedroantunes Says:

    These girls probably came from east europe and are restricted to the chinese mafia or rich people. Macau is a good place to find beautiful girls, but you’ll get nothing if you’re a common middle-class tourist.

  5. Malukoe Says:


  6. laveclavec Says:

    What’s the girls name at 0:44? She should do some porn, at least a blowjob!

  7. isycatboy Says:


  8. agenthelios Says:

    I dont give a shit how “hot” the girls are…..if they dont put out it doesnt matter how hot they are.

    So dont go giving these girls a big head about them because then they will not wanna put out thinkingh they are too good because you desperate guys hyped them up.

  9. mytran80 Says:

    we are waiting for the communist chinese to come in and confiscate their wealth away

  10. ChanHoHin Says:

    i never get bored of this video. musta watched it 50times by now

  11. pocholz Says:

    who the fuck is that at 0:53… HOT AS FUCK!!

  12. fuckergen Says:

    What’s the name of the song?? thx!

  13. stankim515 Says:

    FUCK that nigga TACO !!!!!!!!!!! punkassmofucka !!!

    haha jp, send me out to korea foo

  14. gandhigujarati Says:

    just a bunch of wannabes!

  15. kai2maba Says:

    WTF…..?!!!! so many hot chicks

  16. nerodmc4dante Says:

    lol the guy hu was at 00:21 is my bandmates dad lol

  17. 5808757 Says:

    OMG. a lot of hot chics there.

  18. MacauJacko Says:

    nice area there! gonna go one day

  19. zimmunity Says:

    i don’t know? maybe try cappster . com

  20. BET4LIFEcom Says:

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