M3 Radio News 11/01/07 – STRIP POKER NEWS!

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M3 Radio News 11/01/07 WWW.M3RADIO.COM

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18 Responses to “M3 Radio News 11/01/07 – STRIP POKER NEWS!”

  1. m3radio Says:

    @TheMicha2303 & we like you!

  2. TheMicha2303 Says:

    I Like It!

  3. newsgirl18 Says:

    @williamwagener This video never used to look this distorted. It’s been up for years. It must have something to do with all of youtube’s changes. :shrug:

  4. williamwagener Says:

    Points well made, [ even if not seen ], but you need
    higher resolution camcorder, and better production .

    But, points will said, lady. Will from West Coast.

  5. m3radio Says:

    Thank you for your kindness.

  6. PlayerHater412 Says:

    you’re ugly

  7. ButchHilldizzle Says:

    Amazingly hot!

  8. Gregg200 Says:

    Let’s play cards!

  9. nadergebernard Says:

    I’m speechless

  10. dominionx666 Says:

    You’re HOT!

  11. nadergebernard Says:

    You play your cards well.

  12. Gregg200 Says:


  13. newsGIRL16 Says:

    Empress Red you’re the best reporter I’ve seen on M3. I’d certainly find a slot for you in my primetime programming!

  14. EmpressRed Says:

    haha we’re too hot for network TV :)

  15. jeffsadowski Says:

    I’m a 180 degrees politically but dam is she cute :-P

  16. m3radio Says:

    Empress – you know this little “strip” trick you pulled on air for this newscast would’ve gotten you fired if we were network television? Well, all I have to say is screw the networks – it’s their lost!

  17. newsGIRL16 Says:

    Wow, wow wow!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. EmpressRed Says:

    If you ever wanted to see me naked nows your chance! Definately one of my favorites as yet.
    and I want to see some comments bitches!
    Hope all my minions had a spooky Halloween as well!

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