Lupe Fiasco – Theme Music To a Drive By RARE

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I DO NOT OWN RIGHTS TO THIS SONG. Lupe blackin out over beat Lyrics [First Verse] Ugh, I can’t feel a field nigga pain, devious skill That make a strong willed nigga wane Since a little nigga hang with the killers and distributors of cane They dismemberers of swishers then refill it with the Jane Then they tilt it and they lit with a flame then they took a pull of killer to the brain like (inhale noise) ahhhh… Evil minded like Krang They became they deranged like the rover that I rolled That was the Range that I drove when I was a little bit older Mayne declaring war on the deck like they the Joker All while ducking from Bruce Wayne While they live strip poker with the devil And our moon littened ghetto ‘Hello my name’ stickers on the stickers of the veins In rehab remembering the feelings when they used to get mellow When they was on back of a nickel like Monticello And the underworld had to be smarter than Donatello No honor amongst fellows It’s harder than sitting with a blind man and trying to describe yellow Got me feeling like killer Joe My life the album Know the classics by heart and exactly how the filler go Repeat it on my way to the liquor store, chocolate. [Second Verse] Cause I can’t feel the field niggas chains Though I covet mine, so I covered mine in bling Then I bumped into a bum and covered mine in shame Then I bumped into a hon’ and uncovered mine again Diamonds been under minded mayne, they give a nigga with no mack another kind of game See money talks in

July 2010 Promo

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45 Responses to “Lupe Fiasco – Theme Music To a Drive By RARE”

  1. yungblackpoet09 Says:

    @mmckoy24 and then lasers dropped…

  2. 1LIFEtoWIN Says:

    @DJRedMEDIA very very true all black everything is good and laser was you know eh but how come people dont seem to give props to words i never siad sure it may have an electric pop-ish beat but the lyrics are very much lupe fiasco

  3. littletony19 Says:

    Jesus H this is real music!

  4. lilkdub503 Says:

    @zlindrin or not simply enjoy him; this is a dope song tho

  5. AgentConstruct Says:

    Lupe said it NO ONE DOES IT BETTER

    and i agree no one does rap better than lupe

  6. twin78 Says:

    The Lupe sampled version of the song sounds better than the Wale sample version.

  7. twin78 Says:

    @thelupendblog That was ILL! I like how they flipped that sample! That song was from “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” soundtrack.

  8. ReturnOfTheZ Says:

    @DJRedMEDIA But there are plenty of artists that are the same way. Jay Electronica, Blu, Shad, Fashawn, Tunji ect. all started rapping after 2000 and are far from gangsta rappers. Also, the Wu-Tang Clan is no less gangsta rap than any rapper out there today. They’re far better lyricists than the average rapper nowadays, but they’re 100% gangsta rap.

  9. DJRedMEDIA Says:

    @ReturnOfTheZ I will correct him in politically correct fashion, Lupe Fiasco is one of the few artists that rose up in the 2000′s and actually keeps it true to the style of Hip Hop without buying into all the trap music and gangsta rap that has dominated this era. In other words, if Lupe had rapped during the 90′s and was around today, we’d put him up there with Nas and Wu-Tang, but if I had to guess, I would say that if he keeps putting out material he will be a shining star in this drought.

  10. DJRedMEDIA Says:

    @poetmm lasers despite it’s appeal to mainstream listeners, still had some classic tracks like “All Black Everything”, that’s okay though, because 10 years later when we look back on Lupe’s albums to date, Lasers will be a small drop of ink on a masterpiece of a legacy.

  11. withoutacare129 Says:

    Wait…Wale got this sample? Thats bullshit…Lupe couldnt get the sample cleared so thats why this masterpiece ended up being a bonus track instead of on the actual album.

  12. thelupendblog Says:

    @chaosinorderrr Wale didn’t sample this song..both song sample the same track: The Spinners – “(Do It Do It) No One Does It Better”

  13. poetmm Says:

    lupe lasers was not the best but it was alright but his next album should be great his word play is to ill

  14. TheAnarchyRulez Says:

    @jbsalmqg Switch or SLR

  15. LightDarknessHero Says:

    Even though the pitch is lowered, this just gives me an image of how f&l 2 will be since that will not be the record company’s album but Lupe’s like how food and liquor and the cool said on the cover said, “Lupe Fiasco’s”

  16. JinTheJedi Says:

    Perfect Intro song to the greatest of my time

  17. hotshitonly1 Says:

    @ocsjc no u didnt u bum ass goofy!

  18. hotshitonly1 Says:

    i can’t explain how much yall don’t understand what this mean is saying………….oh lord

  19. ParZero13 Says:

    @ocsjc i hope u really didn’t do tht cuz ddats like a kick in da balls to lupe.. and if u didn’t and tried to b funny well its not so either way ur retarded for posting some stupid shyt like this..

  20. ocsjc Says:

    i did a drive by to this

  21. datboiright06 Says:

    some one changed the pitch of the track. His voice sounds a little low.

  22. 1214gooner Says:

    @franklinpjr Failure isn’t raw…. It’s the best song ever written…

  23. franklinpjr Says:

    @jbsalmqg failure real raw if u break it down n pressure the origanal w/o jay z is really really good

  24. MeloMarsh100 Says:

    @jbsalmqg 1st and 15th.

  25. danie641 Says:

    @Boneyslim88 this whole song jus go so hard. his words r deep and he makes sense. something that rappers these days don’t use. the word play is so intelligent and flows like wow.

  26. ukdutypaidish Says:

    i will def be visiting mix this year

  27. KillerKobra1 Says:

    Yeah come to Mixx and all your dreams will become true like Fucking AIDS!!!!!

  28. rajsainiblore Says:

    was in mixx on 30th,31st Dec 2011 &1st Jan 2012…easy picking guys…Mixx rocks

  29. iandegia Says:

    dame. why do i have a girlfriend :(

  30. gghhoouuss Says:

    what that song name on 2:40 ??????????

  31. vrohitlal Says:


  32. Pattayahorn Says:

    Number one in ASIA

  33. MrVondelpark Says:


  34. Aerosolist Says:

    freelancers…. for sure… i was there some weeks ago

  35. onanidaily Says:

    Anyone know if they have “hostesses” or just freelancers here ?

  36. zoo001able Says:

    this is a promo video, when i was there in dec 2010 mixx were full of prostitutes and none of them look or dress like in this vid, anyways is still a good club to chill and ppl watching! condoms always!

  37. Pussaratt Says:

    Wow This video have me in 1:57 – 2:00 min lol ;-P

  38. haribo6161 Says:

    @imaynaya sexy bitch akon feat. david guetta

  39. imaynaya Says:

    1.56 what’s that songs name?? anybody

  40. sicilianosono Says:

    Whats the song that starts on 1:05 ?

  41. boxsterzz Says:

    yes mega i was there one year ago and this summer for sure again

  42. klejofa Says:

    mega messiveeeeeeee club… mega sexy girlsssssssssssssssssssssssss

  43. safrankoo1 Says:


  44. Kennieg118 Says:

    Too cheap! silly you but…be careful? after that u go home you see doctor u pay 4000Baht?

  45. shenzhenprostitute Says:

    I miss the 1000 Baht Long Time pussy in Pattaya.

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