Lucky Star: Mini Nuggets

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Yup, that’s right. You’ve waited a long time and now it’s here from the creator of Azumanga Daioh: The Lost Episodes comes a new AMV Hell fan video featuring the girls from Lucky Star now even though the Azumanga Lost episodes are over, doesn’t mean that new anime shows can have there own lost clips, so enjoy this new series shock full of random skits with no plots Credits: The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson Homestar Runner – Teen Girl Squad Quotes Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana Poker Face – South Park Jim Gaffigan – Hot Pockets I Got No iPhone – Parry Gripp DragonBall Z – Quotes Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell Sonic Colors – Tropical Resort Simulator Zone Volvic Commercial – Quotes McDonald’s Girl – Dean Friedman Horton Hears a Who – Quotes Beauty and the Beast – Gaston Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time – Sara’s Song You’re The Best Around – the Karate Kid SpongeBob Squarepants – Quotes Running in the 90s – Initial D Cavity Search – Weird Al Yankovic The Simpsons – Quotes Simple & Clean – Kingdom Hearts and Hip To Be Square – Huey Lewis & the News enjoy the show, and have a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! PS Apologies for calling Miyuki “The Ugly One”
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25 Responses to “Lucky Star: Mini Nuggets”

  1. Hoshimaru57 Says:

    The cheerleading routine to Smells Like Teen Spirit, badass but I don’t think everyone would get the joke. What if they never knew what the song was called?

    Behold Tsukasa’s new English voice: Homer Simpson.

  2. uncut7007 Says:

    Cheerleader: Tsukasa (She’s the upbeat one)
    So and So: Miyuki (She’s the smart one)
    What’s Her Face: Kagami (Both are just as blunt)
    The Ugly One: Konata (She’s just…Ew)

  3. TheInfiniteZombies Says:

    “I will make monkeys of these monkeys!” X3 lolololol

  4. TheTelenation Says:

    haha Sebastions the referee of the volleyball.

  5. BorisFangirl Says:

    This is really good! When you get the chance to, Please make more.

  6. carro19ful Says:

    Konata: Whats her face

    Kagami: The ugly one

    Sukasa: Chearleder

    Miyuki: So and so

    It makes sence to me putting the order like this.

  7. HyperCrush5 Says:

    yo this thing was funny XD

  8. PichuABC Says:

    D: miyuki isn’t the ugly one…..kagami is X3 *snicker snicker*

  9. TinyHeadHouse Says:

    Saw the Simple and Clean one coming.

  10. emiwhee66 Says:

    Best one yet. XDD Loved it.

  11. Snickerclaw Says:

    To look so goooood. Word. Word. Werd

  12. XfairyberryX Says:

    6:37 is a magical moment

  13. Supercharge87 Says:

    You should have made Kagami “The Ugly One” for the lulz.

  14. Magus79 Says:

    For some reason I just kept seeing Christian Bale killing people every time I hear that last song now.

  15. OMGWTFchannel Says:

    It wasn’t until recently until what I’ve seen what you did with the Initial D parody there.
    I c what you did thar

  16. Kurzidan Says:

    damn I’m in love with the mcdonalds girl too if she was like konata ;l

  17. Dradeeus Says:

    You could do entire Teen Girl Squads with these I bet! That’d be wicked awesome. ^_^

  18. anabelladelalune Says:

    Hot Pockehht~ * A *

  19. marupage83 Says:

    thank you for the simple and clean part

  20. OMGWTFchannel Says:

    Tsukasa’s recorder came with a tambourine recording

  21. 10kmanx5 Says:

    That was ridiculously funny to me.

  22. Konatablob Says:

    >w< the best ever. didnt like the Jim Gaffigan in it though :L he sucks

  23. animefreak4life1995 Says:

    great job :D

  24. Zanmora Says:

    Wow. This was amazing. For how much possible footage that can be salvaged from this series, you have managed to create a most enterntaining video. Great job (hopin for a sequal)

  25. Magus79 Says:

    That was amazing! Hope to see more!

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