Lucas And Rick Strip

August 12, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Lucas (Rhys Wakefeild) and Ric (Mark Furze) from home and away playing strip live strip poker

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25 Responses to “Lucas And Rick Strip”

  1. plusplusplusplusp Says:

    Anyone noticed that this show will make ANY excuse for characters to take their clothes off?

  2. rhcp49 Says:

    ..flaming mongrels

  3. musicismystrength000 Says:

    someone please tell me what happened to these characters D:

  4. mcdonaldmanrules Says:

    Wish they would of showed everything

  5. LuffChristianBeadles Says:

    @ffunness In the show; Matilda Real life; Indinana Evans

  6. mcdonaldmanrules Says:

    Which they would of got down and dirty

  7. merx10 Says:

    haha rofl

  8. aknipe106 Says:

    he came in just in the right time lol

  9. ktraiysltonr Says:


  10. naughtyLauren51 Says:

    Get dirty with me, join me NOW baby!


  11. xxNancyfsweetiexx11 Says:

    Sexy girl wants you!!!


  12. ffunness Says:

    ¿Cómo se llama la chica rubia?

    What’s the blonde girl name?

  13. sarahelene25 Says:

    witch episode is this ?

  14. md2179 Says:

    funny but i felt sorry for the boys at the end

  15. Random22480 Says:


  16. LetoLuvo91 Says:

    what episode is this fromm??

  17. kurtnirvana270 Says:

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  18. tullington Says:

    ric is soooo sexy

  19. lukesatriani Says:

    that was bad naked

  20. chocoholic4515 Says:


  21. niceguypnk Says:

    Its nice………but instead of gents it was ladies…….it may be a watchable one

  22. xXsurferbabeXx Says:

    ric = fitt as ♥ thanks xx

  23. Sexysong Says:


  24. Eymi101 Says:

    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaahhahahah xDDDD *dies* thats hilarious xD

  25. ktmcmc Says:

    Haha that’s well funny…but hot at the same time lol

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