Limit Texas Holdem Basic Strategy Popular Game of Poker

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Limit Texas Holdem Basic Strategy Popular Game of Poker

The most popular real money poker in the world is Texas Holdem.  The game that gets the most hype and attracts the most people is No Limit Texas Holdem.  As great of a game that No Limit Texas Holdem is, there is no game that brings more respect then the higher limits of Limit Texas Holdem poker.They are both played by the same basic rules, but come with very different strategies.  The main difference is the fact that there are limits for Limit Holdem and there is not for No Limit Texas Holdem.

Unless you are playing in a very high limit game of Texas Holdem, you will have a couple common problems when you play Limit Texas Holdem. The biggest problem is that it is very hard to protect your hand.  If you are playing in a smaller stakes game, you have to worry about everyone calling every hand.  You cannot protect your big hands before the flop, because you simply cannot raise enough to do so.  That is why you have to take a different approach to the game and use a unique strategy.

In Limit Holdem, you can get in early for cheap and end up winning a hug pot later in the hand.  As the hand progresses the betting limit raises.  This makes your midgrade hands worth more in this style of poker. Your 5 6 suited and 7 8 suited are great hands in this game.  You can only get raised so much, and if you do end up hitting you will get paid off very well.  The thing about these hands is that you normally do not need to worry about protecting them, and you always have outs.

With a hand like Pocket Aces, you do not have a very good chance of improving you hand.  With all of the other players in, you are bound to get ran down.  This game affects the value of each hand that you have.  It is a lot less common to see just one pair win in Limit Holdem then t is in No Limit.  There is not much of a preflop battle.

It may sound like playing every hand is the way to go, but you still have to be discipline with your hand selection.  All of those hands that you lose add up, and you do not want to lose more then you win (obviously).  You still do not want to play with your bad hands, like K 2, 9 3, and A2.  Those are still the worst kinds of hand to play in poker.  The only difference is that in Limit Holdem, your draw hands are sometimes more valuable then your big starting hands.

Of course, AK and AA are still great hands to have in Limit Holdem; they are just not as valuable as they are with No Limit.  The main thing is to take advantage of the fact that everyone usually plays every hand at these types of games.  The other thing is that it is not very easy to bluff.  People know that they can only lose so much money on any given hand, and that gives them a sense of comfort.  Chances are that most of the time people will call you down with little to no hand.  That is a good thing for you if you do not try bluffing all the time.

Just like any other real money poker, there is a lot that goes into the strategy.  Most of it depends on the players you are playing against.  If every single player followed this strategy of Limit Texas Holdem,then it would not be a very good strategy.  The fact remains, that just like any other real money poker; us poker players rely on people that do not know what they are doing to make us successful. Please visit     Titan Poker .

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