Liars poker????? Using one dollar bills?

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Question by TootsiePop: Liars poker????? Using one dollar bills?
The other night my fiance’ and i went to hang out at a local strip club with some buddies…it was really dead so some of the girls joined our table. They taught us what they call “liars poker” the game is: you take one bill of money and bet it then you use the numbers to win the others money. Basically you say I have 3 2′s then the person might say well i have 4 9′s which is unlikely. If that person calls bull shyt and they are right they get the other’s money however, if they are wrong you get it. It was fun but is it a real game? Or, did some strippers get bored and make it up? (I lost a lot)

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Answer by Strt B
Sorry to hear you lost! My really good friend showed this to me a few years ago, and he showed me exactly how you described it.

He was pretty good at it, but told me that the trick is to set aside the bills that you know you can win with. :)

I guess the idea is to set up an expectation with the other person. So, if you have a couple of “good” bills, say 4 8s, and 4 9s, you use those first, show that you’re not bluffing, and then bring out the “bad” bill, and call BS on the other person at some point.

To me, it’s more like a fun drunken game. I can only stand about 2-3 dollars worth of it, and then I’m over it, but it’s certainly real as far as I know, and he said he’s been playing it since he was a teenager, so that’s at least 20 years. heh.

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3 Responses to “Liars poker????? Using one dollar bills?”

  1. cubbydwp Says:

    Its real. Its called bull sh*t. I have never seen it played for real money though.

  2. Matt B Says:

    Ive never heard of it personally but it sounds like its kinda based on a game called perudo which is similar but involves dice.

  3. overtaxed Says:

    It’s a real game, and has been around for ages. The way I learned it, when someone says they have 4 nines, it means that they have 4 nines when they combine the number of 9s on EVERYONE’S bill. When I bartended when I was 30 (I’m 60 now), the regulars at the bar played it all the time. But I wouldn’t allow them to play the game unless everyone traded their $ bills with me for ones out of the register. And all the bills got put into a pile in the middle of their table, and each round, the players drew randomly from the pilie. So it was always a clean game.
    Never EVER play a game of Liars Poker with bills straight out of someone’s wallet.

    It’s really a fun game when played without “ringer” bills.

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