Let's Play: Fallout 3 | Part 25 – IT IS I, TYVER THE DESTROYER

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SONS A BITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D:
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“Season 1: Reunion Part 2″ (03 of 04) The girls sit down to dish what happened this season. www.bravotv.com
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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50 Responses to “Let's Play: Fallout 3 | Part 25 – IT IS I, TYVER THE DESTROYER”

  1. AzlidinMr Says:


  2. crippleized Says:

    @kris10ish its called autotune. its a program that you can download. i dunno if it ‘s free or not. :-P

  3. TheBreakingMPLS Says:

    make a real fallout 3 lets play instead of post video voice over

  4. wrightsprite Says:

    @TheCap319 a while is an understatement

  5. deathfenix7 Says:

    @deathfenix7 even*

  6. deathfenix7 Says:

    BPL! wheres the rest of et? I kinda liked this series wven though its older than cakes! :(

  7. TheCap319 Says:

    @wrightsprite they said this is the last vid for a while

  8. DestroyerJamie Says:

    I want them to be like Autum you a bitch and Eden is a computer (Spoiler) =3

  9. DarkGilix47 Says:

    need moar!

  10. booger12or97 Says:

    my name is chris D:

  11. DFTheNightmare Says:

    Pretty damn long hiatus.

  12. maraseea Says:

    @thefunman98 its actually off of crocadile dundee

  13. stacieplars4116 Says:

    Aww…. :/ u guys made me spit soda pop all of my computer screen… (Tip dont drink why watching the BANANAMAN!) ;D

  14. thefunman98 Says:

    Thats a knife you got that of simpsons diden’t you.

  15. insecurecoma2 Says:

    What’s that song?!

  16. NightRunner456 Says:

    bpl wy dont you do commentarys like this anymore. i watched this from 2 to here nonstop it was halarious….wy cant you do something like this again

  17. Whybehim Says:

    da fuck is with your voice?

  18. wrightsprite Says:

    what happened to part 26?

  19. Mushiwushii Says:

    Eheh… Never noticed this was uploaded on my Birthday. :D DD

  20. christaphur Says:

    holy FUCK my name is chris

  21. SoverMest Says:

    Rofl at 07:40

  22. kris10ish Says:

    how do u do that mad high voice

  23. OnlyRemaining Says:


  24. xXxRustyxrevengexXx Says:

    @Bananapielord i know right? 1,000 caps down the toilet :(

  25. Bananapielord Says:

    @xXxRustyxrevengexXx D:! That sucks man :(

  26. astraiiia Says:

    @nicki446 I think they have this screwed up dynamic because Kim was the responsible one for a long time, burned out, and then Kyle had to step up to the role. Kim shows textbook signs of having suffered a burn-out or post-traumatic stress, which is probably why her older sister responsibilities fell off and then Kyle stepped up.

  27. Forthedisplaced Says:

    @ILuvCaroline Its actually referring to one of the houses their mother left for them and Kyle kinda bought over the house.

  28. Cali978 Says:

    this made me strongly dislike kyle.

  29. nicki446 Says:

    What I don’t get is that Kyle is the YOUNGER sister, and she’s that controlling. I have a sister five years younger and we have a close relationship but she would never bully or disrespect me. And I would never bully her. Their family relationship just doesn’t seem to be normal..

  30. jonathan3655 Says:

    i think kim is really trying to gain kyles trust

  31. TheJKVW Says:

    @missphiferjasmine, Thank  You again, xx
    Kyle & Kim is alot like me & my sister,
    except we ain’t rich, i really love my sister alot.
    Our brother died in 2006 & things started to go from then.

  32. missphiferjasmine Says:

    @TheJKVW if you ever need someone to talk to or email i will always be here for you no matter what because that’s what people are suppose to do:)

  33. TheJKVW Says:

    @missphiferjasmine, Thank you, xx
    I want my sister  back in my life & she lives
    5mins down the road from me.
    This episode was really tough to watch..

  34. missphiferjasmine Says:

    @TheJKVW i’m soory to hear that….i will pray that yall start talking again:)

  35. ILuvCaroline Says:

    At 4:07 what is Kyle talking about taking the last house they saw? I know in the final episode that Kyle & Kim got into a big fight and Kim said “You stole my G–damn house”

    So I am assuming that Kyle bought the house that Kim wanted?

  36. TheJKVW Says:

    Me & my Sister haven’t been talking a 2yrs now.

  37. missphiferjasmine Says:

    i’m sorry kyle’s ugly lol

  38. englishgainer Says:

    This made me cry….i understand the Kyle and Kim dynamic (having two siblings) that neither of them are at fault….siblings fight and move on..that’s life

  39. maryp94 Says:

    i think kathy hilton should be in this show. all the sisters would be together that would be fun :)

  40. blackie4218 Says:

    very classy camille not to talk about the sisters relationshop. Kyle your crying because you kno what a low dog you are

  41. gretz13 Says:

    Kyle is a nasty piece of SH*T but strangly the best looking, did she go for the demi Moore look???

  42. ronanmalchene Says:

    the presenter is a shit stirrer lol

  43. saywhat248 Says:

    gowd has every woman in ca;lifornia posed for playboy?

  44. missphiferjasmine Says:

    when they was showing the fight Kyle called kim a Bitch they just bleeped it out. she’s A BULLY for real lol

    And i hate taylor she’s sooo stupid……………….putting the blame all on kim b/c she stood up
    camille was trying not to laugh when kim called klye a Fuckin Pony lol

  45. Amiharah Says:

    Kim must be hard to live with! I have a sister like that and its really hard. And i’m sober haha ;)

  46. HunterEqWONDER Says:

    I think Kim has a drinking problem!!!!!!!

  47. ANewTruMe Says:

    @sexymadness001 lol and the cotton candy thing was just disgusting lol


  48. ANewTruMe Says:

    @missphiferjasmine lol you said it first. She’s like annoyingly unattractive…ick!! and a faker too and that dam party she threw was so for her and not for her kid. She needs to get a life!!


  49. missphiferjasmine Says:

    taylor- is sooooooooooooooooooooo ugly i can’t stand the look of her.
    kyle- she’s aging very fast
    lisa-she’s not pretty either
    kim-i think she’s looks better than lisa and taylor
    adrien-……….love her and her husband
    camille-has nice legs

  50. GOODBYE1209 Says:

    @sexymadness001 ADRIENS FACE IS NOT QUIET AND HumbLE- It’s obscene and obnoxious

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