let's play: Dead Rising 2 co-op part 26- Chuck saw what you did there

December 24, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

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25 Responses to “let's play: Dead Rising 2 co-op part 26- Chuck saw what you did there”

  1. Aries8er Says:

    What happens when u let a zombie get u and starts biting ur neck what happens when u leave it eating u

  2. MrTurok999 Says:

    @aklindinobylyku1 because there physco?

  3. aklindinobylyku1 Says:

    Why doooo most physcopaths commit sooecide when j00 defeet dem

  4. TheCMaster666 Says:

    @ 7:27 ITS ZOMBIE JOKER!

  5. TheCMaster666 Says:

    @ 7:30 ITS ZOMBIE JOKER!

  6. MyOverflow Says:

    Zombie blowjob

  7. BananaPieGod6 Says:

    @ryan0ff YOU cant!

  8. ryan0ff Says:

    @gamefreak4444 break the car window !

  9. asomeluigi1 Says:

    1 min to beat pycho bravo

  10. asomeluigi1 Says:

    wow 1 min to beat the pusch BRAVO

  11. DodecahedronHead Says:

    *chuck puts on glasses*

    I saw what you did there…


  12. gamefreak4444 Says:

    @TheAZIN08 its locked !

  13. TheAZIN08 Says:

    get the car !

  14. 931SON Says:

    i saw wat u did dar

  15. pliershuzzah Says:

    1:15  Blowjob!

  16. Yoshi7375 Says:

    ha your like “ no theres 1 giant long one” (thats what she said) haha

  17. gamefreak4444 Says:

    @xllki11anaresllx no because it would end up being the same thing as the nail-bat.

  18. xllki11anaresllx Says:

    does 2×4 + nails = 2×4 with nails

  19. gamefreak4444 Says:

    @left4deadsparta23 less than 2 days actually

  20. left4deadsparta23 Says:

    @Mzthaman dudwe its been out for a week or a few days >.> you just noticed its out? STOP LIVEING UNDER A ROCK >:(

  21. left4deadsparta23 Says:

    getting hanged not a good way to go D:

  22. halofreak11111 Says:

    4:00 epic slow mo orange juice

  23. halofreak11111 Says:

    @Adrianator8 + || = baby

  24. Adrianator8 Says:

    @6shawn6clown6kong LOLFACE!!!! 8======D

  25. darkshadow601 Says:

    i feel the same way about school man high school is nothing compared to the other grades

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