Lauren Graham Celebrity Poker (final round)part 4 EDITED

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Lauren Graham Celebrity Poker (final round)part 4 EDITED

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11 Responses to “Lauren Graham Celebrity Poker (final round)part 4 EDITED”

  1. Ufonka Says:

    Lauren was really great!

  2. freeasabird12907 Says:

    i was thinking the same thing

  3. LoveThatGinger4evers Says:


  4. ihartrory Says:

    I like Lauren and poker, so this was very fun to watch.
    Thanks for the upload.

  5. lukelorelaigilmore Says:

    oh my god she said a lot of bad words in this one lol i keep on repeating it and it makes me laugh lol and gosh these two people are amazing but i wanted to Lauren Graham to win!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. hustlacayla Says:

    “except that you’re gonna win” it’s so funny but it’s so sad! i wanted lauren to win!

  7. CraigKendallBach Says:

    Ironic that it came down to Maura and Lauren, and now Lauren is replacing Maura on “Parenthood”.

  8. goodie2shoes1973 Says:

    OMG Lauren looks Distraught!! :O
    So funny :D My new fave video.

  9. sloDOra Says:

    they were amazing:) like it very much:)

  10. LindsML Says:

    that was great. lauren and maura are both fantastic
    thanks for uploading :)

  11. TheLifeCoachMovie Says:

    Check out The Life Coach featuring Lauren

    Head over to the Echelon Studios website to check out.

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