Last live strip poker hand in Casino Royale (2006)

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Enjoy…There are other copies of this scene here, but either the A/V are horrible or there’s ads in the video. This is a clean version with great audio. Enjoy :)

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25 Responses to “Last live strip poker hand in Casino Royale (2006)”

  1. lelio422 Says:

    hugggge slowroll

  2. Sam33158 Says:

    Bond wasn’t even that happy when he won!

  3. Nysium Says:


  4. godly04 Says:

    Lmfao@ how the Asian guy puts his stack in in a triangle shape.

    That is so asian

  5. Xienis Says:

    Oh boy… if Phil Helmuth was at this table…..

  6. MrDedorah Says:

    pokerview accepts us players very good reliable site

  7. silvad314 Says:

    hahahaha that was so cool

  8. conshkin Says:

    all in…. 6 million

  9. Blewberd Says:

    at the end “hey thanks for dealing cards here’s a piece of plastic worth my house for you”

  10. poxrider Says:


    It’s a frigging movie. It depends on building tension. The dealer took control of the showdown. Bond was there to crush the fucker. It wasn’t a slowroll. It was savouring the moment.

  11. poxrider Says:



    word type: poker slang

    1.To take an inordinate amount of time to call an all-in bet or raise as the last player to act and nobody else besides the all-in player remaining in the hand, all while holding the nuts.

    The word has nothing to do with show; it’s all about the betting.

  12. poxrider Says:

    @tobestone67 It just goes on and on….me abusing him for talking shite, you abusing me for abusing him and ‘being wrong’, me abusing you for abusing me abusing him and you like him not knowing what the word means but like too many idiots on youtube not letting a little knowledge and a lot of ignorance get in the way of typing stupid comments.

  13. tobestone67 Says:

    @poxrider And made yourself look even worse by not knowing what you’re talking about – the slowroll part is not when he waits to decide whether to shove or not, it’s at the showdown – JB has the stone-cold nuts, and therefore should show his hand first, cos he knows he can’t be beat, but instead waits til last, giving everyone else the false hope of thinking they might be good . . Abusing youtube mongs annnnd being wrong is pretty bad.

  14. gambiterocierrabares Says:

    this only happens in movies and rigged pokersites

  15. johnsmith7490 Says:

    pokerview is open to us players as well

  16. poxrider Says:

    @irishdan2007 I missed this one idiotdan. When I told you that you didn’t understand the rule, did you not believe me?? You should know by now that I always tell the truth when I am following you around calling you a turd-eating, illeducated, immature, moronic, gobshite!
    The rule in question states that the person acting last, must make a bet or re-raise a bet, when he knows he has the best hand. In this hand, Bond was never last to act.
    Change your tune boy and stop talking shite.

  17. poxrider Says:

    That was NOT a slowroll. You play poker and you know fuck all about the difference between slowrolling and hollywooding to induce a raise.
    fuck!! i wasn’t going to comment about people pretending the know so much about poker then showing themselves up to be numpties and now i’ve fucking gone and posted a comment….fuck!!!fuck!!!fuck!!!!!!

  18. mattyh50 Says:

    Le Chiefre, you are the weakest link, goodbye!

  19. USATaxAttorney Says:

    @CarlaLR74 $500K

  20. Makaron9 Says:

    i have a frushhhhhhhh im arrrrrrrrrr in syx mirrion

  21. vitordk66 Says:

    @Iizardkingz LOL is All in no o in!

  22. lagundafire Says:

    why does everyone gasp at le chifres raise.its the min raise and in his mind any raise is dangerous because who really see’s a st flush coming.

  23. MrDedorah Says:

    Im soo happy pokerview accepts US players

  24. whatageeza Says:

    @truthsmiles Nah, what would be good is if Bond turned over 5s 7c and said “fuck I thought I had the 7s”.

  25. whatageeza Says:

    This is the most ridiculous hand of poker in the world. Flush, 2 Full Houses and a striahgt flush?? I’d be calling cold deck. I would have also put $50,000,000 on Bond having the nuts.

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