Lady Tsunade – Poker Face

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Lady Tsunade :p Song- Poker Face by Lady Gaga

Saionji is obsessed! Does “eternal friendship” exist? Will Anthy his rose bride show him love that lasts? Will his childhood friend Touga ever stop betraying and tempting him? Nanami is obsessed! No guy can compare to her big brother, Touga. But she can’t quite decide what it is she wants from him…or how to get it… Kozue is obsessed! She wants to be the one for her twin, Miki – he is the one for her. She wants no other girl to have him. But their past is eternally between them. Utena is obsessed with her childhood prince. She must find him, but there are multiple claimants to the throne. Is he Touga? Is he Akio? Is he really a prince?! WARNINGS: Extremely love-drugged people, yaoi, a big brother complex, and insinuated twincest. Welcome to the wonderful world of Utena…this is what the complicated relationships of this anime are all about. PAIRINGS: Saionji/Anthy & Saionji/Touga, Nanami/Touga, Kozue/Miki, Utena/Dios & Utena/Touga & Utena/Akio. YOUR LOVE IS MY DRUG * * * Maybe I need some rehab, or maybe just need some sleep I’ve got a sick obsession, I’m seeing it in my dreams I’m looking down every alley, I’m making those desperate calls Im staying up all night hoping, hitting my head against the wall What you’ve got boy – is hard to find I think about it – all the time I’m all strung up – my heart is fried I just can’t get you – off my mind Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug Your love, your love, your love I said your love, your love, your love, is
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48 Responses to “Lady Tsunade – Poker Face”

  1. TeamShikaIno Says:

    Awesome video!!! It fits Lady Tsunade :D

  2. thesomebody3 Says:

    @kusindan lol hugae tit punch =)))=))))

  3. thesomebody3 Says:

    awesome vid by the way, she is much more better then lady gaga

  4. thesomebody3 Says:

    this song matches her

  5. Xminifreak88X Says:

    I love this video :D She’s so badass! Whoever disliked this can’t read her pokerface. ;3

  6. Konohamaruify Says:

    My Tsunade-sama!!! I love you!! *_*

  7. jtmsmooth072088 Says:

    Mayne does Tsunade gowt pretty feet and haynds! :) She’s got good fightin’ skeels.

  8. vcyfhhonclubpenguin Says:

    2:33 wat episode?!?!?!?!
    I MUST KNOW!!! please?*gives puppydog eyes*

  9. mizznarutobabe Says:

    this is the best thing i ever saw in my life T-T

  10. AliSiAxD Says:

    Tsunade-sama is the best!

  11. 24Narutren Says:

    This song fits the video XD!

  12. JashinistLea Says:

    Tsunade-Hime is so Bad Ass!!

  13. kusindan Says:

    Is there any other vids of Tsunade maybe you know what I mean ;)

  14. altermarvin21 Says:

    Lady Gaga’s hot, Tsunade’s hot and this song so fits her LMAO

  15. zazounounet Says:

    lady gaga is a 13itch

  16. sakurakun55 Says:

    Yes yes it does Timelugia

  17. TimeLugia Says:

    Good job!!!
    The song fits her so well!!!

  18. camrie9110 Says:

    what episode is at 2:21?

  19. AmericanHistoryLover Says:

    I this song fits tsuande best of all.

  20. sokkasgurl101 Says:

    awesome vid!!! the song and character fit… =) where did u get the clips? i’m a newbie, so i don’t know these things

  21. garralover3412 Says:

    i love it awesome job!!!

  22. garraswolfgirl Says:


    a joy to watch

  23. Belledgdf Says:

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  24. LinkyMayriot Says:

    This whole anime feels like im on a drug.

  25. amberincrease Says:

    hahahaha xD oh saionji…I hate mess,but i love you xD

    But seriously that was good, that was the apitamy of nanami right there “love sick crack head” Of coarse she on drugs just look at the size of those pupils xD

  26. TheCatBlackjack Says:

    Great Amv XD!!!! Utena is such a good anime, just gotta luuuuuv it’s messed up cast of obsedded characters, absolutely love SaionjiXtouga (although Touga is no good, and doesnt deserve the love he has from so many).

  27. sharnii2 Says:

    @Elie314 Uhuh Utena is definitely about crazy obsession! :D

  28. sharnii2 Says:

    @LoveSasukeKai Sure can, and I’ll consider it. :)

  29. sharnii2 Says:

    @LoveSasukeKai Sure can, and I’ll consider it. :)

  30. sharnii2 Says:

    @SumireHio19 Yay!

  31. sharnii2 Says:

    @Zenaamis Thanks! I like picking strange songs that don’t fit Utena and yet somehow…crazily…a bit like the crazy movie…do. ^^

  32. sharnii2 Says:

    @H536917 Hmm it’s somewhere near the end – the ep where Nanami is staying over in the tower and she goes to breakfast the next day. Anthy and Akio are acting creepily happy and at one important point in the dialogue (as always)…they salt the egg. :D

  33. sharnii2 Says:

    @Hibijou Thanks hehe!

  34. Hibijou Says:

    (spits out coffee) I love how it starts out kinda Saionji/Anthy there at the beginning and then just… takes a hard left.

  35. H536917 Says:

    wait a minute… which episode did Anthy salt the egg for Akio?! How did I miss that! That would have been a atrocity to miss out on something like this! Major plot element!

  36. Soukougnan Says:

    @TheCarrot11 i thought it was funny… in a ‘poor saionji’ kinda way, if you understand. x3

  37. TheCarrot11 Says:

    I don’t Understand!! Why do I and all these people like this anime so much?! It has everything “wrong” about society: Twincest, incest, Lesbianism, Homosexuality, pedophilia (in one episode anyway). I put wrong in quotation marks because a few of these things aren’t really wrong, this is just a poor attempt at a joke. Please think this is funny, somebody.

  38. Zenaamis Says:

    i love all of your utena amv’s! you rock, and i love your akward and very fitting song choices!
    - huge fan -

  39. SumireHio19 Says:

    I used to HATE this song, till i saw this amv XD

  40. IchibanCourtesan Says:


    I second this heartily.

  41. themurreymaenad Says:

    Every video you make is SOLID GOLD. <3 Plz never stop!

  42. Utena186 Says:

    I have to tell you how in love with the video I am!! It was fantastic!! It made me laugh, but at the same time, it suited the characters so well!!

  43. Mauroevolution Says:

    Hell yeah!!! Nice-no..awesome video!! It become my drug indeed :P
    I follow you even at the Utena forum (as everyone there of course). So enteresting your discussions guys, I am very curios of the simbolysm of this great anime!! :D

  44. Mauroevolution Says:

    Hekk yeah!!! Nice-no..awesome video!! It become my drug indeed :P
    I follow you even at the Utena forum (as everyone there of course). So enteresting your discussions guys, I am very curios of the simbolysm of this great anime!! :D

  45. WinstonTA Says:

    I’m not sure how I only came across this for the first time today, but nonetheless it is very nicely put together and appropriate synced with the song. Great stuff yet again. I can’t wait to see what you post next, especially if it is a chapter for Thorns Wither :D

  46. Tabroxfcc Says:

    poor Saionji..

  47. angelcarnivore Says:

    Thank you for helping to rationalize my guilty pleasure- which is this song. Great amv!

  48. carbuncle22 Says:

    Haha nice way to put all the crackhead lovers together into one epic video. Yay!

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