Lady Rara Poker Face

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Lady Rara Poker Face Director : Lady Rara Backup Dancer : Melody Camera Girl : Sabrina Produce by The Hauz Of Rara
Video Rating: 3 / 5

© Sony Entertainment / Productions – The songs are from Flo Rida – Low and Lady Gaga – Poker Face

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32 Responses to “Lady Rara Poker Face”

  1. LadyXRara Says:

    @aL3jandraGaGarciia i’m a bit lazy to wear make up and pretty clothes

  2. aL3jandraGaGarciia Says:

    you’re soo bad monster :/ use make up pretty clothers & brush ur wig :/, but well is cute the dance with your sister (:

  3. LadyXRara Says:

    @Mintlisa1 lol, i make the glasses myself and my friend design it, i call it The Poker cause the whole thing is made from poker cards XD and yes, thats my little sister :) she’s only 7

  4. Mintlisa1 Says:

    omg i love the glasses at the beginning and the girl is cute is she ur sister? too cute

  5. LadyXRara Says:

    @marcopun630 don’t copy Lady Gaga, i only use her song in my vids and take some of her steps

  6. marcopun630 Says:

    you need more practice your dance!!!

  7. TheGagaworlds Says:

    you need more creativity but i like it

  8. xXgamerNanimeloverXx Says:

    awsome scene
    i like this

    check out my channel

  9. Greendude11green Says:

    SOMEONE GIVE HER A FREAKING POLE!!! If you know what I mean *Wink*

  10. dudemeister112ify Says:

    humna Humna HUMNA BONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Agenthitch Says:

    DO WANT!!!! – Pedobear

  12. QueenOfFame Says:

    He is so hot, and an amazing danser! <3<3<3

  13. Zauberlehrling123000 Says:

    i love karate kid!!!!

  14. WoWproductions21 Says:

    What is the girl’s hairstyle? I’m a guy so Idk.

  15. shino475 Says:

    thats a boner look not a getting served look lol

  16. ViejaEscuelapro Says:

    here is the official account of Wenwen /user/HanWen2

  17. Alyxwrites Says:

    @daoyinyang lol I think it was supposed to be bad

  18. daoyinyang Says:

    the Dance choreographer could’ve came up with something better.

  19. putanginamo78 Says:

    Audition 2 :)

  20. drlyquocdat Says:

    Anyone know what she is dancing is not what kind

  21. LorraineAllen Says:

    1:23 He looks EXACTLY like his dad!!!

  22. HalfCracker4life Says:

    Keep practicin Jaden. (-;

  23. Mikkirox1112 Says:

    she’s so cute, I luv Jaden’s reaction! LOL

  24. 95aquafire Says:

    I love how it says “You’re hot” at the end and that’s what everyone’s thinking :)

  25. SmokeCreature Says:

    LMAO At Wil Smiths Son Gettin OWNED

  26. boogernation13 Says:

    she has a big head!

  27. k2Dubgurl Says:

    @JoepBo93 Its “damn, shes HAWT!” lol

  28. chezzyms Says:

    even the dance game loves her 1;20

  29. 2wingo Says:

    @JoepBo93 I think it’s more “Damn, I just got served by a little Chinese girl.”

  30. JoepBo93 Says:

    Is his look supposed to mean: ‘damn, she’s hot’, or ‘damn, she sucks’? I’m confused

  31. sistersbysong Says:

    hahaha xD

  32. SirTim0thy Says:

    olawl. prob my fav part in that movie.

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