Lady Gaga's Sexual Miracle Cures Erectile Dysfunction

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A fake subtitled video about sexual fantasies of a Lady Gaga Fan from an old Indian/Bollywood movie. Just wanted to have some fun with this…. The scene begins with the old guy failing to get it on with his wife, trying really hard and in the process nearly dying. His last wish is to listen to Lady Gaga’s song. So his younger son goes to get the DJ. DJ tells the son to just go back home and ask his elder brother to screw his dad. This pisses off the elder brother. The elder brother manages to get a pair of drained out batteries and a broken “Poker Face” tape. As the terrible song starts off the dad starts getting sensations in his body and starts dreaming about Lady Gaga. Later he gets up starts dancing and switches off the tape. Now he begins his own performance of Lady Gaga’s Just Dance with the rest of the family joining in. At the end of the song he shares some of his most intimate thoughts and desires with the full family. Happy Ending
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3 Responses to “Lady Gaga's Sexual Miracle Cures Erectile Dysfunction”

  1. ashim888 Says:

    hahahahahahahah hahahahahahhahah shit man where the fck did u come up with this fckin stupid idea lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo

  2. eyeofaquarium Says:

    Lmao. The way the brother says “The DJ (doctor) refused to come” kills me. So emotional. I watch this shit over and over again. :)

  3. suavrillover Says:


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