Lady GaGa's Outlandish Performance

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If you don’t know who Lady GaGa is, let us introduce you to the newest innovative artist whose performance is like no other. Hosted by Michelle Marie. TWITTER HERE Join me on FACEBOOK HERE Watch the original video here Watch Lady Gaga: On The Tour Bus Watch Strip Poker with Lady GaGa Click here for more of Lady GaGa’s Outlandish Performance Subscribe here More Young Hollywood vids
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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43 Responses to “Lady GaGa's Outlandish Performance”

  1. actuallycategor Says:

    Lady GaGa stands around topless and in her panties – Naked Lady Gaga. NET -

  2. SeaShepherd2 Says:

    @MrDanlly …? how is she a noob?

  3. MrDanlly Says:

    i hate lady gaga , she is freakin noob
    i don’t know why people like her ……….

  4. MrDanlly Says:

    i hate lady gaga

  5. ImKoolWithThis Says:

    Keep up the devilish work gaga.

  6. OswaIdo Says:

    Wow, you just see how Lady Gaga really WORKED to be Lady Gaga.

  7. coolcallboy Says:

    Her talking voice is different now. it’s much deeper in this video.

  8. sakurathehiddenduck Says:

    Such a pretty voice

  9. 589wz97 Says:

    @groomergirl214 lol x)

  10. groomergirl214 Says:

    @589wz97 ok… i’ll eat my words, but i’m still not a fan. :P :P

  11. younghollywood Says:

    Thanks for all the comments! Subscribe to Young Hollywood’s youtube channel!

  12. 907musicfreak Says:

    what a muppet.

  13. AnS4EveR7 Says:

    @yusef2610 lol the pic in these site is not real…

  14. Brose5621 Says:

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  15. Rudy9343 Says:

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  16. 1231231231100 Says:

    shes real name its

    Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta thumb up if u want know about more about her

  17. yusef2610 Says:

    not becus im hating on lady gaga but…

    did any of you wonder how she might look like on a typical sunday morning at the pattiserie??

  18. RedRum6x3 Says:

    @AlexMakesItGood Thanks for not trolling n hatin’ like everyone else though, even if you’d rather listen to Outlandish!

  19. RedRum6x3 Says:

    @Shammar1Wolf Yeah, but she didn’t get her name from the Arabic term. She got it from Queen’s Radio Gaga.

  20. Gustaf0792 Says:

    Awesome I think lady gaga is amazin and she is the best singer ever – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M -

  21. economicheritag Says:

    Nice Interesting pic. I’ve only seen her with the frost-blond wig. – Naked Lady Gaga. C000M -

  22. elatedworker0 Says:

    Awesome Lady Gaga has been anything but safe-and that’s why people love her. – Naked Lady Gaga. C000M – -

  23. FrankCoffman Says:

    If you don’t like her, why did you come to this video? To post a nasty comment? How childish. What a jerk. You don’t know shit. You’re a stupid spammer who posts hateful comments all over YouTube. What a rude asshole. Fuck off, moron.

  24. SheenaMaria1 Says:

    wow 2 years ago, from when this movie was filmed she was so different 0_0 major 2 years for u hu gaga? XD Awsome then and awsome now :) ”I found them…there my age” ;) haha

  25. SheenaMaria1 Says:

    wow 2 years ago, from when this movie was filmed she was so different 0_0 major 2 years for u hu gaga? XD Awsome then and awsome now :)

  26. 1799luis Says:

    I think the rangers are useful in all the missions and try to keep them alive.. of course they teleport away to thanks me >_>

  27. IrJAMMY Says:

    Just listening to these songs makes me want to buy a PS2 and all the R&C games again :)

  28. ItsMrMartini Says:

    lol i look in the tags and it sais sasha love doodldur XD anyway this was always one of my faviroute levels for some reason…maybe because it was achully a bit of a challenge…

  29. peppercat1515 Says:

    ‘Pumps all the ammo from a level 1 gun into a ninja, buys more ammo, repeats 3 more times. Ninja finally died, and weapon is 3/4 of the way to level 2 from 1 enemy.

  30. theegabisstranded Says:

    this is like a remix of the normal SS Phoenix song

  31. masteredd23 Says:

    Awesome Soundtrack!!!

  32. spidermanbwee Says:

    i miss this game r.i.p. my ps2

  33. msw0322 Says:

    I noticed that too, I think it’s because unlike Going Commando, the enemies are as strong as they are in regular mode, while Ratchet has stronger weapons than before…like the good ol’ Plasma Storm ;)

  34. VideoGammer331 Says:

    Yeah I know, it pisses me off ’cause there’s no point for the Rangers to be there except for distractions.

  35. TheHKY09 Says:

    DHAMM thoose ninjas are hard, and thoose big mech things when u face them face to face.

  36. VideoGammer331 Says:

    When you’re in challenge mode the Galactic Rangers die from one hit. What’s all that about? Great song.

  37. RaCFACiT Says:

    Great track.

  38. MikeOfheaven Says:

    Galactic Rangers: Thank you for safing us sarge!

  39. Daoradgn94 Says:


  40. superlarry54 Says:


  41. CardCaptorDeadpool Says:

    I kept getting killed here

  42. JAVED5678 Says:

    This is the best Ratchet & Clank soundtrack in my opinion.

  43. lukearcade22 Says:

    its one of them “YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO RUN OR YOU WILL DIE!” moments!

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