Lady Gaga "You And I" -Vocal Cover by Monica

February 10, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

What I do after school when my parents aren’t home… I’m Monica and I’m 17 please don’t hate…I was just messing around like I said above^
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8 Responses to “Lady Gaga "You And I" -Vocal Cover by Monica”

  1. MonicaSings23 Says:

    wow:( some people are really rude. Thanks, but i don’t need attitude on my vids? I was just snapping my fingers in my video because (if you saw description) i was just messing around, and decided to throw it on YouTube. Thanks for nit picking and trying to find anything you could think of that could be wrong:) i can get that from professionals. So whoever those insensitive people are, yes I deleted your comments and no, i don’t care that you disliked my video either. :) have a nice day

  2. MonicaSings23 Says:

    @lmbergamini Haha I don’t lie!! Hahaha thank you dearly

  3. AmberWithA7 Says:

    Your very good! You use your voice well.

  4. fenderguitar13 Says:

    and your doing is acapella, even better ahahah

  5. fenderguitar13 Says:

    alot better than savannah, i like it

  6. lmbergamini Says:

    uoww…. i loved it…. it’s really better than Savannah! As u just said!

  7. Nengray1 Says:

    your pretty good! You have a really nice voice! Keep it up!

  8. brent0704 Says:

    pretty goood
    have fun on doing this
    greetz from belgium

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