Lady GaGa vs Eminem – Without my live strip poker face

July 09, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Latest mash up with eminem vocals and lady gaga instrumentals….enjoy
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25 Responses to “Lady GaGa vs Eminem – Without my live strip poker face”

  1. MrJoey889 Says:

    eminem’s penis green bar
    gaga’s penis red bar ;)

  2. VarietyGuy88 Says:

    I like Eminem and Lady Gaga!

  3. jskproductions1 Says:

    @RikkuRb No it doesn’t?

  4. StewienerGriffin Says:

    lol I love how Eminem fans are dissing Lady Gaga fans while Lady Gaga funs aren’t dissing Eminem lmao. Really says something :3.

  5. helloo889 Says:

    @RikkuRb hmmm my bad

  6. RikkuRb Says:

    @helloo889 gaga means shit in french

  7. SilverTissues Says:

    @delowgman Those 2 will actually mix quite nicely.

  8. AllegroPredator Says:

    @delowgman well your dealers obv skanking you :L

  9. MrDjoyahs Says:

    @w3nTruLLz Skin Color!!!! That is all that I have to say.

  10. Cartuch01415 Says:

    “They try to shut me down on MTV, but it feels so empty without me” YOURR DAMM RIGHT

  11. nomrabbit Says:

    Lady GaGa sings……Eminem raps :) theres a difference

  12. helloo889 Says:

    gaga means shit in italian

  13. crazy4mickie Says:

    Can we see the opposite? Lady Gaga vocals, Eminem instrumental.. That would be interesting.

  14. Izzieelovesyuuuhxx Says:

    15 people felt jealous of this song, dw i doo but i can’t dislike something this gud :D

  15. delowgman Says:

    this shit’s making me hyper, i wanna run like 20 miles listening to it, its like being on cocaine and ecstasy at the same time

  16. delowgman Says:

    this shit’s making me hyper, i wanna run like 20 miles listening to it

  17. satreseomar Says:

    Lady GAGA (Queen of Pop) + Eminem (GreatestRapper) = Amazing Song

  18. AshleyLynn829 Says:

    This Is Amazing Eminem Is Awesome And So Is Lady GaGa

  19. omfgaddict Says:

    this aint bad to be fair.

  20. LoLLiPoPZxD Says:


  21. swannijerem Says:


  22. 2xN Says:

    I find it funny how people who don’t know what mashups are think this is some sort of competition.

  23. zimisinlove Says:

    this is amazing!!! LOve it ^^

  24. andyckable Says:

    just listen….fuck gaga dnt give a fuck about her….listen to the words….”the best thing since wrestling infesting your kids ears and nesting”

  25. salasrcp90 Says:

    @blade83336 Exactly!! most of the people who say that have just started listening to music

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