Lady GaGa "The Fame" Megamix

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This is kinda inspired by the official one in the beginning but the musics are different, as well as the way they are mixed: 1- Just Dance 2 – Boys Boys Boys 3 – Poker Face 4 – Paparazzi 5 – Beautiful Dirty Rich 6 – The Fame 7 – Love Games 8 – Big Girl Now (Available only on the download file) Download Link:
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Miss Teen USA 2007 – Ms. South Carolina answers a question

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50 Responses to “Lady GaGa "The Fame" Megamix”

  1. AlbertCoasters Says:

    File not found! =/

  2. Tinkerbellshomey Says:

    You did a great job with this! :D

  3. OhNoBob Says:

    @AndreitaGian Thats a STONE Luigi, You didn’t make it!

  4. notjm Says:

    This is so fucking amazing!

  5. sarahkoalabearah Says:

    70,001st comment :D

  6. Tremain0919 Says:

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  7. Natala6793 Says:

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  8. MegaZeBRAgirl Says:

    Love It!

  9. ecm177 Says:

    copyright issues

  10. doodlingdavid Says:

    @canelasremastered I agree with Andreita you did not make this so don’t take credit for it.

  11. fuzzybubbles13 Says:

    ♥ it… i think this is the best one yet

  12. chizzlemang Says:

    very dope

  13. guii220 Says:

    Put the link to download please ?? Is so cooL!

  14. NuRdin014 Says:

    can i make a video edit on this one ?

  15. MultiKreso Says:

    when i go to download link it says Error 404 – File Not Found :(
    but i love this

  16. newsmusicful Says:

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  17. SoHappyICanDieTV Says:

    did u really make this cause at the start it was suppose to be from my debut album the fame ame ame ame dj space cowboy and continues to this the extact megamix like this! the extact same expect for big girls now!

  18. NAVEMAN3 Says:

    your link is not working.

  19. veatboi Says:

    LMAO! You didn’t even make this!

  20. JaNa4167 Says:

    @canelasremastered watch that: watch?v=oPxw84KkLLE&

  21. emoemu4 Says:

    Lol, are you seriously insulting the people commenting on your video? That’ll get you more fans for a sub-par mix.

  22. canelasremastered Says:

    @AndreitaGian go to hell…

  23. canelasremastered Says:


  24. AndreitaGian Says:

    I Heard That Remix In Other Place…… You Didnt Make It

  25. ThewZ Says:

    i think that lady gaga say’s sex al ova LOL and i fink she is really nice. but these a rumor that she is a man plz help me to find the truth – Nakedladygaga(.)com

  26. LordShivasServant Says:

    @iUnlocks Glad it did :D

  27. sonata43pianos Says:

    i CHALLENGE ANYONE to watch this without getting a boner. giggidy …………../watch?v=i8BttoT8lmU

  28. iUnlocks Says:

    @LordShivasServant ahahahha made my night that comment :’)

  29. waster1228 Says:

    lol. BLONDS!!! got 2 luv dem

  30. stuckinthecities Says:

    thanks South Carolina…you must be proud..

  31. TheWolverineiscool Says:

    wow she just made her way into the Guinness record of worlds dumbest answers ! what the hell does africa and iraq has to do something with reference to this! and she also said coz most americans dont have maps at their homes! now tht was funny….

  32. llchambers100 Says:

    Thumbs up if you think she makes Paris Hilton sound like Stephen Hawking.

  33. lakashipu Says:

    good answer,

  34. LordShivasServant Says:

    @AliEnosDesch He probably didn’t understand the question either

  35. LordShivasServant Says:

    @nzthunderboy You know what? I was thinking EXACTLY THE SAME THING.
    Isn’t that mad?! lol :P

  36. LordShivasServant Says:

    @iUnlocks Yeah, I know, right? It’s kinda like watching a poor defensless animal on the floor of a forest, slowly bleeding to death, alone in the darkness of it’s own end….

  37. guitarded401 Says:

    You’re even dumber than she is.

  38. iUnlocks Says:


  39. HANA3364 Says:

    Wait, she didn’t even answer the questions! What’s with the south africa and iraq? She was asked about the US citizens!

  40. nzthunderboy Says:

    i would still fuck her

  41. Rotavegas1 Says:

    and the question was??????

  42. AliEnosDesch Says:

    How does Mario NOT laugh? Dude is professional.

  43. Jumzu Says:

    I know this is a terrible answer, but imagine having to answer a question like that in so little time in front of all those people under so much pressure! give her a break!

  44. frankovich213 Says:

    lol At least it’s a logical answer. “They don’t have maps”.

  45. berserker276 Says:

    @ThePennywiser And I’m the doc lol

  46. EdwardTuite Says:

    Oh god. Americans.. =|

  47. Danzzzie Says:

    wow i wish i was that smart! O_O

  48. Konlyhuman2 Says:

    in porn, you don’t have to talk…

  49. viktoriavass Says:

    @yanikeke Such as the 20% in question.

  50. AudiophileTubes Says:

    Why are Republicans so utterly stupid??

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