Lady Gaga – Speechless (DaViglio Cover)

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DaViglio covering Speechless by Lady Gaga (Acoustic) requested by Rosslovesharriet FACEBOOK: TWITTER: DAVIGLIO ITUNES: BLOG:
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1. Lines To The Spice Girls “Wannabe”.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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50 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Speechless (DaViglio Cover)”

  1. Milkolp Says:

    you are fucking amazing!!!! love you guys!!!

  2. rlczRlcz Says:

    mad skills both guitar and voice :D

  3. IlyxBijillion Says:

    Amazing. The singer looks like Lea Michele!

  4. bbcampbell0 Says:

    Lady Gaga’s manager disputes rumors that she is a hermaphrodite – Naked Lady Gaga. NET – -

  5. shijuesu Says:

    I♥ you Mac :c

  6. LeslieXLala Says:

    Why aren’t you famous? :)

  7. somepeoplecallmetrey Says:

    [micki] you look just like lea michelle.

  8. MsProse15 Says:

    its really cool i love the guitarist :)

  9. krazy4baja Says:

    Real nice. You both sing so! well together. Really like the guitar playing too!, especaily luv the sou d of the 12 string guitar, it has such a nice sound to it and both your vocal singing is incredible!.

  10. nicolofosho Says:

    Please please come to the U.S. or as you refer to it the “States”!!!

  11. aSMARTblonde13 Says:

    holy crap. you really did gaga justice. excellent!

  12. nihaal28 Says:

    Omg that girl with the guitar was amazing
    I only watched her playing during the vid

  13. anateresa13 Says:

    I almost cried listening to this Micki :’) you’ve got such a talent.

  14. TheDenvertowelboy Says:

    Wow! You girls are going to go places. Love you.
    Father Freak

  15. Jbeezzzy415 Says:

    this is fucking raw keep it up girls!

  16. geordiefrenchie Says:

    love all your videos, great voice. are you playing any gigs in the North East anytime soon?

  17. violeta27mvs Says:

    woooooooooooooow!!! i like, greetings from the mexico… ((;

  18. joannadreamer Says:

    i love this song and you definately do it justice :) maybe not the ah-mazing lady gaga talent but definately most talented group on youtube :)

  19. thisrosehasthorns Says:

    THIS. IS. BEAUTIFUL. I’m in love with you guys! I just found your youtube channel, and wow… I’m really amazed!! <3

  20. oldfriends4sale Says:

    Beautiful, love this song <3

  21. Aoizora06 Says:

    Nice girls!

  22. DeborahPresley Says:

    You look like lea michele ! =)
    You are amazing.

  23. Joekary5 Says:

    What are the notes your playing ?

  24. tiffany19995 Says:

    your play so good!

    good job!

  25. kiMa18kiM Says:

    Joder!!! que voz tan bonita!!!!! :O y que bien quedan las terceras voces… por que no puedo darte diez estrellas? :(

  26. filmfann Says:

    @TheGrumpyBadger1 He still is.

  27. leahcimrac Says:

    @TheGrumpyBadger1 Peter O’Toole to this day doesn’t know if he was born in England or Ireland. Aparently he has 2 birth certificates. He does seem to suggest however that hes English in some interviews.

  28. DINOLOVER6717 Says:

    @smugglertrev He certainly does the claim the irish part of himself though. I learned some trivia and the man only wears green socks! haha superstitious i think lol

  29. tonedrunk Says:

    I’ve uploaded all of Peter’s appearance on TFI Friday !

  30. smugglertrev Says:

    @skinwalkerxxx There were a couple more but it was basically just the same joke using different lyrics! I didn’t keep them & I’m fairly sure that’s because they weren’t as funny!

  31. skinwalkerxxx Says:

    is there a follow up to this?

  32. annalovesfilm Says:

    I simply love Peter!!! :)

  33. jg2904 Says:

    Hearing him utter “Yes you CAN!” in Supergirl was surprisingly more painful, though. lol

  34. TeenAuthor Says:

    Admittedly this was probably less damaging to O’Toole’s reputation than his appearance in “Caligula”.

  35. paranoidpfanclub Says:

    Peter O’Toole is plainly awesome!

  36. CantStayAway Says:

    Peter looks like he’s gonna crack up while thee other guy’s delivering his line and at the end…so funny!!!:P

  37. Robotoh Says:


  38. balooga999 Says:

    hahaha, O’toole is simply Brilliant!! Exudes charm even when its CLEARLY meant not to.

  39. jhibbitt1 Says:

    haha he starts to crack up at the end

  40. summerlvralwys Says:


  41. EdNortonisMineLol Says:

    His voice is incredible

  42. jeanneadele Says:

    @JordanStrople oh baby we all wants to party w/him!

  43. mrmovieguide Says:

    For once the word “Epic” falls short

  44. Bellantoni Says:

    @TheGrumpyBadger1 And he’s not dead either

  45. mph419 Says:

    Few actors today realize how much power intonation and delivery have. I watched ‘Venus’ again last night and what he does with just his voice is amazing. His delivery is second-to-none.

  46. mph419 Says:

    @LordAlucardsbride : That is terrible, hilarious, and oh so agreeable.

  47. miramamimira Says:

    Splendid. Peter O’Toole and Ronald Fraser in a bogus clip from an insane chamber drama. What more can you ask? O’Toole is the kind of actor who can make poetry out of an old telephone book while intoning it backwards. And Fraser, who specialized in playing piggish bastards in the Aldrich movies, is modesty incarnate.

  48. smugglertrev Says:

    @TheGrumpyBadger1 I read, somewhere, that Peter has 2 birth certificates, one Irish & one British, & even he doesn’t know, for certain, exactly where he was born or when!

  49. LordAlucardsbride Says:

    My God Peter O’Toole can deliver me terrible news that both of my parents have been crushed under a plane that was shot out of the sky because it was suspected of carrying the Anthrax virus in massive quantities…and I’d still gush over how he’d say it to me! <3

  50. TheGrumpyBadger1 Says:

    Just one thing Peter O’Toole was not British he was Irish

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