Lady Gaga – Poker Face "Space Cowboy Remix" [Sims 2] HD

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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: My Sims 2 Space Cowboy Remix Video of Lady Gaga – Poker Face! All Music © belongs to Lady Gaga / Streamline / Interscope Records & all the other owners! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND WRITE A COMMENT :o ) THANK YOU!

Newly-minted WSOP bracelet winner Gavin Smith, 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth, up-and-coming online live strip poker whiz and recent subject of a TIME magazine feature Jason Lee and Harrah’s / WSOP suit Ty Stewart join The Entities on the third installment of This Week In Poker, live from Las Vegas and the 2010 WSOP. For more information, show notes, and an upcoming schedule, go to Please check out our Sponsors Ep. #3. Awkwardness ensues from the get go. Promise. We’ll get this right one day. 0:00:27: Apparently we’re live. One week we’ll figure this out. Continue with who’s on the show this week. 0:03:29: Gavin Smith joins us. Discussion includes: Winning his first WSOP bracelet in 00 Mix Hold-em, Girls on The Rail, becoming a dad this November, who replaces him as the best without a bracelet, and winning his next bracelet. 0:20:48: Tribute to The Maven. “It’s a King… It’s a King…” 0:21:10: Jason “jaspudUF” Lee joins us. Discussion includes, playing 2010 WSOP, which Jason Lee is he?, Girls on The Rail, graduating from the University of Florida, “The Maven” parody video, meeting The Maven, hanging with his friends, online usernames, TIME Magazine article. 0:46:54 VP – Harrah’s Interactive & WSOP Ty Stewart joins us. Discussion includes: The Entities haircuts, WSOP numbers, numbers and numbers, it’s The Year of the ______?, Ladies Only Events, Breaking News on TOC moving to week of November 9 in 2011, Where will the 2011
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  1. Ms00Ich00will00KEKSE Says:

    WOW!! its… Crazy how did you… woW its so cool!!

  2. TheMegaEmis Says:

    I love the remix *-*

  3. LedenecParaPa Says:

    Cool!!! *_____*


    This was a total win!!!! :D

  5. MrJakeEB Says:

    i love this song!!

  6. BrQtje Says:

    I’m not a big fan of the sims, but jesus christ, very nicely done

  7. NessiAndNoOneElse Says:


  8. Bryanty8913 Says:

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  9. yumeihee Says:

    Your videos are really amazing u need a ton more views

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  11. AlexandraK1998 Says:

    omg:))…i have this remix in my Pc…youre amazing! your fan: D I love everything you do!

  12. themcnamara Says:


  13. LADYRADY Says:

    voll gail!!!! mag es!

  14. Smores0011 Says:

    awesome :D

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  16. Karolcia466 Says:

    AMAZING !!!

  17. CutieayVinnieio823 Says:

    Heh_Î_sîgnéÐ_Up_Ät_Füll_TIlt_PØkÈr_üsiÑg_RÉfÉrrAl_CØÐë: YOU600 ånÐ_gòt_Á_600_$_böñUs

  18. conor66666 Says:

    never go full perve..

  19. SngFish1147 Says:

    lol what is this show?

  20. aidansparkes12345678 Says:

    3 geeks and a table…… intresting

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