Lady Gaga – Poker Face [Sims 2] HD

March 14, 2011 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: My Sims 2 Version of the official Music Video Lady Gaga – Poker Face! All Music © belongs to Lady Gaga / Interscope / Streamline & all the other owners! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, RATE AND WRITE A COMMENT :o ) THANK YOU!

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22 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Poker Face [Sims 2] HD”

  1. SuperHarious Says:

    I love Lady gaga outfits

  2. hyperuniunicorns Says:

    How the hell do you get them to pose that way XD

  3. skull735 Says:

    how can u do this??
    it`s just so cool it`s so real man!

  4. xKindodragoNx Says:

    OMG! Awesome

  5. whoaemileigh Says:

    i have watched this a billion times and it is still amazzzing!!

  6. jenny388 Says:

    AWEsOMe! How do u do ths?

  7. supermiimi Says:

    DU machst die besten Sims 2 Musikvideos !!

  8. nichiv Says:

    i love it!

  9. saudmahri Says:

    What! no product placement? :p

  10. FuNsIZedrOSe101 Says:

    All yer videos are so frickin awesome! You did such a good job ;D

  11. ThePeachpit17 Says:

    where did ya get that girls hair? (on lady gaga’s right. on 1:29)

  12. stellasara4321 Says:

    AWSOME really really AWSOME

  13. MCRCrazyFan1992 Says:

    Where can you get the eye-circle hand motion? I can’t find it anywhere!

  14. carcachita2000 Says:

    omg O_O all ur videos are awsome!

  15. KatyjonesMr1000 Says:

    Like this video it is so cool!!!!i looks real!!!!!:-)

  16. Siims3LoliiFreak Says:

    I love that video of u ^^

  17. TweedySims Says:

    ich hoffe youtube löcht deinen kanal nicht schon wieder :)
    ich liebe das video das ist eines meiner lieblingsvideos von dir

  18. MoisesAliassims2gaga Says:

    @horror0lover yeah xD

  19. horror0lover Says:

    @MoisesAliassims2gaga its in the same min :P so we r both 1st XD

  20. MoisesAliassims2gaga Says:

    @horror0lover you are not the first :P

  21. horror0lover Says:

    1st , love it welcome back micky :)

  22. MoisesAliassims2gaga Says:


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