Lady GaGa – Poker Face (Jody Den Broeder Remix)

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Lady GaGa – Poker Face (Jody Den Broeder Remix)

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25 Responses to “Lady GaGa – Poker Face (Jody Den Broeder Remix)”

  1. giorgosabsolute Says:

    @NegreanuDan84 play with me too my name is black-kicker

  2. october101499 Says:

    THE BEST love the eco

  3. october101499 Says:


  4. NegreanuDan84 Says:

    Haha. Lets have a 1 on 1 match my FTP name is fotress5273 =)

    And yeah
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  6. boyzin9 Says:

    i love the beginning too, it’s so awesome haha haha haha

  7. inductorhjbjdm Says:

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  8. DaniiDeathEater Says:

    Can someone send this to me?

  9. westernbia Says:

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  10. BillieVSAvril Says:

    This is so amazing!

  11. CrystalMe123 Says:

    One of my fave remixes of all time

  12. MsMeganMonster Says:

    this is the best remix i have ever heard of Poker Face, almost as good as the original!

  13. SasukesLove89 Says:

    LOVE the Remix of Poker Face!!

  14. 999pokerface Says:

    She sounds kinda like Cher
    Hmmmmm… I know I’ve heard this version before. But where………..

  15. pdaniel8 Says:

    @adamdanialofficial The first minute is awesome! Would make another great song

  16. MarcelFirebird Says:


  17. viperpoison96 Says:

    im lookingall over for the instrumental of this !!! i know its there cuz people have used it in mixes !!! if anyone can find it plzzzzz send me the download link or the website its on !!!!

  18. march88 Says:

    It rarely happens that a remix surpasses the original, but this is exactly the case with this one!

  19. ElectroHousePromo Says:

    *****5 Good

  20. CasinoPartySpace Says:

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  21. Wiederbeschaffungswe Says:


  22. John1990TELOS Says:

    ah ah aahha…ah ah aahhaa

  23. delanosuriboy Says:

    very nice

  24. jeicam666 Says:

    mega kawalek

  25. torankasuvs Says:

    where can download this song?!

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