Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson etc. – Funniest First Wedding Dance – the best ever! Yvan and Rochelle's

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Yvan and Rochelle dances to Shania Twain (From this Moment On), Beyonce (Crazy in Love, Single Ladies), Lady Gaga (Telephone, Bad Romance, Love Game, Just Dance, Poker Face), Kesha (Tik Tok), Katy Perry (California Gurls) for their first wedding dance.

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50 Responses to “Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson etc. – Funniest First Wedding Dance – the best ever! Yvan and Rochelle's”

  1. MichelGermanotta Says:

    They’re wonderful!

  2. weedshark67 Says:

    That was awesome!

  3. daniella12578 Says:

    lol! that is one lucky girl to have a guy that dances to lady gaga!

  4. hazel2160 Says:

    this is just too cute!! love it!!

  5. mtkegirl Says:

    This is co cute!! The most awesome wedding dance!! :D

  6. orzzawesome Says:

    they really do rehearsal :) )

  7. tristanibubu Says:

    <3 bravooo :*:*:

  8. Gumush88 Says:

    The best i`ve ever seen !!! :)

  9. Schwingenschleogl Says:

    So cute!

  10. emijoti Says:

    Very cute ! Looks fun. A memorable wedding … that’s for sure.

  11. SapphireStacy77 Says:

    lol the bride looks friggin worn out by the 4th minute, her dress must be heavy!

  12. DavidTranAnh Says:

    super awesome !

  13. mollysangelique Says:

    die heren dragen prachtige blouses ik herken jou style terug op daniel hony i like this wedding watching

  14. mollysangelique Says:

    prachtige kleding supergedanced waar ik van hou is deze some like it wild ,ik,hou,ook,vaan,jurken,met,long,glooves,of doorschyn,mouwen,wit kant of nigle transparant is helemaal doorschyn toch chique deze heb ik op list mooi pas gefilmd ??????dit zou ik anders ook in dancing heupwerk using arms zy

  15. Kitkat6088 Says:

    This is awesome! :D I would love to do this on my wedding day, when I get married, it’d be awesome!

    Gorgeous dress by the way, but wouldn’t you be worried that it might tear?

  16. Fanny4395 Says:

    Best thing EVER

  17. tsa42587 Says:

    pinoys and their love of dancing…so nice to have a mini concert on ur wedding..cute nyo…best wishes…=)

  18. HEYitsJJKat Says:

    I a Filipino too! Congratulations and this made me laugh a lot!!! Lol

  19. juicyclamlover Says:

    oh these filipinos

  20. bighaircrew Says:

    wow!! this isn’t a first dance it’s a broadway musical! how long is this? how long did they have to practice. I don’t think I’ve ever worked that hard.

  21. bighaircrew Says:

    this was totally the husband’s idea! Very funny!

  22. MONeill247 Says:

    its scary cause the husband is REALY into the ga ga part LOL

  23. aquamarine399 Says:

    Now this is what i call ” AMAZING”

  24. PhilliesBlaze1 Says:

    the baw danceing harder than her it is funny thow…

  25. averyypousson Says:

    i’m in love with this!!!! :) so cute. i’m gonna flash mob my wedding…shh;)

  26. KanemiX3 Says:

    lol at the title (im asain too)

  27. cutiegrl97916 Says:

    Lol! Her: singing awesomely. Cat: :O

  28. OoLaggeroO Says:

    @thealmightyloren She does

  29. OoLaggeroO Says:

    @ilovecats1998 korean is asian -.-

  30. ilovecats1998 Says:

    for some reason when people call her “asian” i get very irritated. yes, she is asian, but still….

    she is korean, btw. :)

  31. DivaDShawty Says:


  32. thebubbabubbabubba Says:

    Lol asians are good at every thing

  33. thealmightyloren Says:

    Who the hell gets 3 iPhones?

  34. CheeezMaster Says:

    She’s a robot dude

  35. Shokkaz Says:

    Asian on the outside, thick dark and sexy on the inside

  36. ronn12341 Says:

    your voice is amazingg!!!

  37. spuffygurl4eva Says:

    why are people surprised she is good? why say she is good for an asian how about the fact that she is great period for any human

  38. 1255db Says:

    Good job

  39. eon132 Says:

    I thought the cat was hilarious

  40. N3lli3prettyinpink Says:

    U r awesome and the cat thing was sooo funny!

  41. Wiseoldfart Says:

    after the video was done she ate the cat

  42. talal143 Says:

    You must join Asia got talent at once!

  43. MonkeyKingLuffy Says:

    why does she have 3 iphones
    rich bastard

  44. freefall5176 Says:

    It’s either her voice is really,really good or somehow,Japanese technology was involved in here..hehe..PEACE!!

  45. devyputrikentjana Says:


  46. echizen861 Says:

    omg.. you are awesome..

  47. 77GirlGuitar Says:

    Dangggg you have a good voice

  48. kikimanok09 Says:

    i like the cat

  49. LordNate0014 Says:

    whats up with the cat?

  50. littlemonsters1147 Says:

    Omg! You were awesome! Check out our page

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