Lady Gaga Live at NYU – Captivated & Electric Kiss 2005

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The video, recorded before Stephanie to become Lady Gaga, represents how talented singer songwriter and recorded two original songs. Video show that plays the piano and sings Stephanie Angelina Joan Germanotta today world wide known popular pop princess Lady Gaga. Today this 23-year-old controversial American singer became famous with hit “Poker Face”, and her musical career was the “importance” after numerous scandals. Gaga shocked by the information that is hermaphrodite, and then denied it. In this video from his early career, before he turned to pop music, proved that she knows how to sing and play, and it still is female.

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23 Responses to “Lady Gaga Live at NYU – Captivated & Electric Kiss 2005”

  1. MikaelByeThang Says:

    What the fuck happened?? This is great! I kanda feel sorry for her, changing from this fantastic artist, to the shit she is today…

  2. laflakaaa17 Says:

    Love it!! nothing to do with those Lady Gaga music and stuff… oh, wait…….

  3. ManxyBoy1 Says:

    I love this! Sometimes I wish Gaga would calm down a bit and lose some of the outrageous outfits, but I still love her :P

  4. miguelfilth Says:

    @1darlin1angel1 Oh My God… I NEVER liked GaGa!! but this!!! This is fascinating, I’m so sad because she really sold herself… I hope, I REALLY HOPE she return to this and not that puppy monster of the money.

    I feel I really like Stephanie Jongerman :)

    Honestly, miguel.

  5. carapils007 Says:

    @jjjjrk12345 She has an extremely good voice, but she did change herself completely in order to sell more records. Nothing wrong with that obviously, ‘rebranding’ has always been a part of music industry. But the “I’m so artsy” is a sad gimmick. Just see her first songs and then look at the other ones. She becomes more artsy everytime. Completely fake, but clever.

  6. PrincessAriel2sing Says:

    @theann111 I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s possible for Lady Gaga to have “more fans”. She has captivated the whole world already.She is pretty damn successful and happy so I don’t think any of us are in a place to judge whether or not she “sold out.” People change and maybe she outgrew this look and style. You have no basis to judge.

  7. shelbysale Says:

    @theann111 back in those day she`s have nothing else than a Beer budget ..and now she got a millions of buget

  8. theann111 Says:

    This is proof that all the bullshit Lady Gaga says is real isn’t. It’s just an act. She says “this is how I am”, but it’s not. Well, maybe lady gaga is but Stefanie Germanotta isn’t. She can actually sing and use to be so pretty. It’s sad that people have to sell out like that, when in reality, she would have a lot more fans if she was like this.

  9. woodenpaperful Says:

    @vash1053 shut up, hes a wind up, and your a fool.

  10. woodenpaperful Says:

    @notbigenuf you mean killed her partner and stole her look?

  11. jejeroy Says:

    she is soo beautiful with the black hair now she look like an alien from another planet

  12. JimmyLeeVanDePutte Says:

    The reincarnation of Laura Nyro!!! Lived in the same neighborhood.

  13. deepmind Says:

    Is everyone at NYU gay? I mean, the dweeb at the mic AND the female judge seemed like they were just trying to out-sleaze each other. Is there some perverted hazing you have to go through to get in to that school? Is that what Stefani meant by starting a revolution with her LIPS?
    Just curious.
    Peace. :-)


    This right here is a capsule in time.This girl in front the piano is not the “Lady GaGa” we grew to know.This shows you how fake and prepackaged pop-culture singers really R.Not allowed to be the talent they want.These “victims” R probably so confused as to who they are & have pretty bad identity issues; on top of that secluded from the world. An easy way to control & train.Britney is the prefect example “bipolar” or was it breaking the programing?How long can someone B mindfucked b4 breaking

  15. ZEROZMM Says:

    @1darlin1angel1 to my understanding she sold herself out by becoming calm.
    then returned to being the freak she always (hiddenly) was.

  16. notbigenuf Says:

    Gaga/Stephanie took an unsuccessful “plain” talent and re-invented herself and her image into something unique that people want to see, watch, and listen to. She needed an outlet to be SEEN and HEARD. She has that. She didn’t sell herself out. She found an avenue to display her talents and now she has the opportunity to do whatever she wants going forward. BRILLIANCE!

  17. navbuoy Says:

    Who says she gave stuff up? David Bowie did it first. Alanis Morissette did it recently. It’s called re-inventing yourself. Now that she’s got her foot in the door she might eventually wrestle control back and slowly do the stuff she truly prefers/wants to do. I thought she was a hack too but I saw her true colours shine through her LG persona when she played alongside with Elton John and held her own! Time will tell…wait and see. Just hope this girl doesn’t prove me wrong..LOL!

  18. 1darlin1angel1 Says:

    @vash1053 Umm anyone with eyes and a functioning brain can work out how much she gave up just to get rich and famous……THIS is talent. She is beautiful. She is…..herself. And now? She’s totally fake, she had to give up a LOT to get people to like her, and clearly talent was one of the things she gave up. She just wants to please the world.

  19. vash1053 Says:

    @1darlin1angel1 Who are you to make such a judgement?  Scum.

  20. TheAngie13013 Says:

    I like how she sings in this, not in her songz after she.became famous.

  21. nofear04 Says:

    I dont think she sold out…maybe she wanted to do both.

  22. Theangryemu Says:

    @Keenanville09 just shows you that she has sold out and is not true to her talent.

    not respectable whatsoever.

  23. Brofski2009 Says:

    These days she is a robotic crazy person. Well, pretends to be.She sold out. regardless of how talented she is, she deserves NO respect for that.

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