Lady Gaga is getting her tattoo. Part 1

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Lady GaGa is getting her lower back tattoo by Kat Von D. If you have a Hyve account, will you please enjoy our Lady GaGa group and become a member?
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24 Responses to “Lady Gaga is getting her tattoo. Part 1”

  1. 2010majori Says:

    eu acho linda esta tatoo dela e fis uma igual.

  2. MandieRenee07 Says:

    I feel like I’m watching the start of a girl on girl porn flick.

  3. MorbaaMadhouse Says:

    i think when she said “i love your pants”.. she wants to say “i love your ass”

  4. Adler36 Says:

    @Cassidyequalsinsane She’s still hot. -.-

  5. andyrandy86 Says:

    @volturejp ps no se por ke dices ke no es gaga si es obvio ke si lo es esa voz es inconfundible y el estilo de sus inicios tambn ademas ella misma lo ha contado y kat tambn lo hizo en uno de los episodios eso sucedio cuando gaga aun no habia lanzado su primer album y kat tampoco trabajaba en miami ink aunke ya era conocida por su talento para tatuar

  6. JayneF8 Says:

    I wish I had her ass

  7. bguzman39 Says:

    oh those are flowers…. i’ve always wondered what that tatto was ever since i saw it

  8. miadolcefashion Says:

    ATTENTION LITTLE MONSTERS: ok I’ve been searching around and i think i got answers. check this out first: watch?v=JV3cxnlDgtE kat von d was doing a promotion with maxim and pontiac to promote their car VIBE that had a power outlet so she went around tattooing people out of the car so I’m guessing these were like web videos posted on the promotions website thats why it was not on her show LA Ink. wish someone had the HQ or HD quality video :( LOVE U GAGA! :)

  9. bguzman94 Says:

    That’s totally gaga omg

  10. volturejp Says:

    esa no es gaga… is not gaga!!!

  11. crazypomeranian Says:

    Tatuar en plena calle es antihigienico :s , puede infectarse el tatuaje.

  12. Cassidyequalsinsane Says:

    She looks so pretty then. Now she looks so…druggy. She needs to gain her weight back and go back to this image. She was really hot, now… Shudder*

  13. ghost6813 Says:

    - Are you working on anything interesting right now?
    - Yeah, world domination in about a year from now.

  14. bornthiswayastrid Says:

    dammnn so sexyyyyy!!

  15. mimipow5 Says:

    tattoo-tramp stamp ;) xx

  16. MadonnaFan2000 Says:

    @lilpinkyluv it was on 2008, so, er, obviously…

  17. maereggae7 Says:

    GAGA … Nice Ass !

  18. EdgeeOfGlory Says:

    HOLY SHIT <3333333333333

  19. bebeboo99 Says:

    wow never knew kat von d tattoed her :D 

  20. Biudshabbo Says:

    @jfmc2004 Yeah, i just saw! thanks and sorry haha :)

  21. herbabymonster Says:

    was this on LA ink?

  22. jfmc2004 Says:

    @Biudshabbo it does, check the original video clip at 2:58

  23. FederiKoRamirez22 Says:


  24. FederiKoRamirez22 Says:


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