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My favorite artist of all time! Mika’s latest single from the album “The Boy Who Knew Too Much” Lyrics He’s got looks that books take pages to tell He’s got a face to make you fall on your knees He’s got money in the bank to thank and I guess You could think he’s livin’ at…

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  1. Maxxie0oliver Says:

    way to go girl! this was a great performance, respect to you and the Arts!

  2. narutimatehero08 Says:

    i hope i was there and screaming for her!!!!!

  3. narutimatehero08 Says:


  4. LuxxyLove Says:

    this is really good

  5. britsboi Says:

    Fucking Flawless!!!

  6. flchucky Says:


  7. WaffleKing99 Says:

    thats amazing! gaga would likey XD

  8. goldfinger1970 Says:


  9. sugarpoem19 Says:

    vaya felicidades ya era hora que alguien hiciera algo bien no que muchos imatadores que soy una bola de pendejos que no saben ni moverse como lady gaga ni bailar… aprendan a ser buenos asi y si no … no se dediquen a eso…

  10. angeel19 Says:

    cada dia me sorprendes mas heeeeee muy chido tu trabajo de admirarse netooo
    felicidades te amndo un abrazo

  11. pelones1980 Says:

    muy buen trabajo

  12. PjgNu08 Says:

    Every time I fall, Mika’s music just lifts me back on my feet :x . Who cares whatever his sexuality is, it has nothing to do with anyone after all :-? ? (well, except for his lover :-”). He brings us happiness with each of his songs, only that matters. He’s a singer after all, not your daughter-in-law or something :-j.

  13. susankee Says:

    Mika always give his all in his performance. I like him.

  14. degomify Says:

    @ChrisCarney123 Look like you know much about gay stuff

  15. GambitJax Says:

    @l0kgirl Ryeowook from Super Junior sang it at a K.R.Y. concert and I saw a really bad fancam of it and wanted to see what the original was like.

  16. l0kgirl Says:

    @GambitJax lmao wow k-wave everywhere o.o.. love it<3,, but why wookie?? xD

  17. DreamAnatomy Says:

    i want to marry him ^_______^ cool and strange and positive)

  18. ChrisCarney123 Says:

    When Mika was doing his stuff on the chair he looks gay!

  19. ChrisCarney123 Says:

    49 ppl are bitches

  20. TheMCEurope Says:

    Mika’s music always makes me feel happy :)

  21. TheMCEurope Says:

    Mika music always makes me feel happy :)

  22. WritingJenny73070 Says:

    Watching Mika sing… and listening to his songs… (especially the crazy beat of this one) actually makes me feel HAPPY… the lyrics are funny/thoughtful…..

    I hope he knows that there are people like me in the world who really appreciate his music/talent/style.

  23. WritingJenny73070 Says:

    @bowserhugs and lets not forget… Mika is cute!

  24. ellismeriweather87 Says:

    Great distraction and great vide0!! thank u downloadmusic .im

  25. breannerocksyou Says:

    one thousandth comment (:
    i loooove this song!

  26. mikaswissiseeyou Says:


  27. guitargeekette Says:

    Thumbs up if honestly you’re here because of our eternal maknae Ryeowook.

  28. MegaMegaAlex Says:

    ‘dude…your perspective on life sucks’

  29. DougsHugs Says:

    @bowserhugs Mika=AwesomeSauce

  30. mizukichan10 Says:

    Ryeowook oppa sang this song. He brought me hereeeeeeeeeee

  31. Melanie100991 Says:

    @GambitJax waaaaa yes he did sang it!

  32. Melanie100991 Says:

    Ryeowook sang this one!! WAAAA super lurv this song!

  33. ddphw Says:

    @GambitJax ditto! lol im glad he did..i love this song now =]

  34. fazlyn82 Says:

    @GambitJax same with me :)

  35. fazlyn82 Says:

    @GambitJax same with me :)

  36. GambitJax Says:

    Ryeowook Oppa brought me here :)

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