Lady Gaga Hot -Sexy Girl Poker Face Live

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25 Responses to “Lady Gaga Hot -Sexy Girl Poker Face Live”

  1. wanetalucianinmj Says:

    Do you know Latin Beauty ** **

  2. Karil9468 Says:

    I think shes a gud singa i luv listenin 2 LOVE GAME – Naked Lady Gaga. C000M -

  3. Chrisy1706 Says:

    She’s rancid anyway but then again a boob’s a boob s’pose – - Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M -

  4. caseyrizzuto567 Says:

    @Mralidostchandio i agree

  5. qiimiika Says:

    isn’t playback she sing diferent in other concerts

  6. LHdigga Says:

    playback -.-

  7. gagalici0usxo Says:

    i fucking love this woman!

  8. MsMalin12 Says:

    Helt enig med deg! :)

  9. Mralidostchandio Says:

    she should have won the grammy’s taylor swift sucks

  10. Yarrbetchyarr Says:

    I would do her/him even if it was a guy or girl.

  11. chessePANINIrockYEAH Says:

    you should be such a fatass if u where born with yr dick in yr face and boobs where your dick should be, would you be happy??? :P

  12. lgcmay1 Says:

    @skx1722 – a guy culdnt keep a figure llike tht

  13. GagaPOD Says:

    Wow Even If Lady gaga wuz a man or not Wich I know is no!!! I wouldnt fuckin care Shes fuckin Hot And beautiful No matter what happens I will always be her little MONSTER!!! GO LADY GAGA….. FUCK HATERZ!!

  14. hurro67 Says:

    she is so sexxxxyyyyy, definately not a man

  15. EdaLinhart Says:

    look on these legs and ass. Its not a man fags

  16. asomeman1223 Says:

    Thats girl you thing is hit has a dick lol

  17. SKX1722 Says:

    I think lady gaga is not a man, because she is really hot

  18. MrRichierich1990 Says:

    Exactly your not replying because you know lady gaga NEVER said she was both!!!!!!!!!! you cant tell me what to look up on here because there isnt one!!!!!!!!

  19. MrRichierich1990 Says:

    When did she say it on the news? can you tell me what to look up so i can watch it? I dont believe she said that what do I search?!

  20. xoxcozzixox Says:

    SHE HALF MAN HALF WOMEN….guys she even said herself she half man half women so u cant say it ant true she said it on news

  21. MrRichierich1990 Says:


  22. dmhfjdsghdfgs Says:

    lady gaga is not a guy lol get ur fax straight

  23. littlegreen21 Says:


  24. bartsimpsonsprank Says:

    you know lady gaga is a hermaphrodite. she admitted to having a love stick

  25. MovieReviewCentral Says:

    Is it just me or would anyone else love to chew on this girls scabs! or if she had no scabs id make do with popping her zits an sucking the custard out LOL fk it i think its time to smash one out……..

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