Lady Gaga: Hold your head up girl and you'll go far (Happy birthday Gaga!)

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WATCH IN HD! // NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ BACKUP Please add&subscribe to my backup account, already got 2 copyright strikes on this one. ▬ ▬ ▬ ▬ INFO Well, tomorrow is Gaga’s birthday! And I just wanted to put a very simple video together to show how far she has come since her The Fame days *tear* Unlike the video I put together for her birthday last year that was over 9 minutes long, I wanted something short and simple this time. Gaga, I can even put in words how much I love and admire you. I just want to thank you for changing my life and always making me feel better when things are going wrong. Just listening to your music can make everything better and I can’t wait to see you in May!. You are an amazing person and we all love you very much. And I hope you have an incredible birthday! ♥ Song: Standing alone Artist: X Ray dog Edited with Sony Vegas Pro 9

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25 Responses to “Lady Gaga: Hold your head up girl and you'll go far (Happy birthday Gaga!)”

  1. nikos576 Says:

    jess9191 please keep making those amazing videos! we love you!
    (and of course we love lady gaga)

  2. MultiFixation Says:

    It doesnt make her an ego maniac. She dmires here work, and hell, if you dont admire your own work, and recognise your own self worth, then you’re worthless. I cried so hard watching this video, seriously, shes inspired me so much! I can go out into the street, wearing and looking however I want now, acting however I want, loving who ever I want and Im not afraid anymore! <3

  3. LoveOfPop Says:

    Omg her voice has changed so much!

  4. 2OOPoVstrechnoy Says:

    Just because she actually became a star doesn’t mean she isn’t an ego maniac… because she clearly is.

  5. holleycannotdisco007 Says:

    Lady Gaga is the only person to ever move me so much. I thank her so much silently everyday for keeping true to who she is. Great video!

  6. msPossible1000 Says:

    A M A Z I N G ! LOVE GAGA!! ♥

  7. jess9191 Says:

    @donshotz … what is?

  8. donshotz Says:

    It’s called born this way

  9. Ribbonizze Says:

    This has to be one of my favourite videos of yours, Its amazing, I mean they all are but this one . . . I just love it. Everything goes together so well especially the song. ! Thankyou for making these amazing videos keep it up babe ! P.S what song is it. xx

  10. mralphlauren Says:

    free replay button here: 0:00

  11. LittleBTWMonster Says:

    I love you Jess9191 !
    with these stunning movies always make me cry! <3

  12. gabrielvalandro11 Says:

    She is R-E-A-L

  13. blackiedpees716 Says:

    :O (all i have to say) :O

  14. rencrespoo Says:

    this went to my faves right away. awesome.

  15. legalsecret73 Says:

    She donned a yellow wig (?) and hung out on the roof of the hotel with only a blazer and panties on. – Naked Lady Gaga. C0000M – -

  16. TheTania65496 Says:

    shes a legend,i love this, made me cry

  17. dancingcolors123 Says:


  18. KidTyler Says:

    Thank-you for making these! :’) It makes me realize how much I love her and how much she’s changed my life.. and that I might be here without her. :’) I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA!
    Thank-you for making me love myself for who I am. XOXO

  19. LGagaAndBornThisWay Says:

    @1:02 – @1:13 SHE IS SO FUNNY ♥

  20. MusicmonsterLG Says:

    This video is so great!
    Jess, you’re the best!

  21. FrackingHamtastic Says:

    The music, her words. It’s all just so amazing, I was holding back tears. Words really can’t describe how much I love her.

  22. 93MChiara Says:

    I cried. I can’t describe how much I love her.

  23. jess9191 Says:

    Thanks guys!<3

  24. LadyGagaFan247 Says:


  25. poprince1996 Says:

    i want the background music PLZZZZZ :)
    n the vid EPIC <3<3 keep up the gud work

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