Lady Gaga Ft. NKOTB – Big Girl Now

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Lady Gaga Ft. NKOTB – Big Girl Now
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25 Responses to “Lady Gaga Ft. NKOTB – Big Girl Now”

  1. achrafjaber Says:

    Why the Hell This Song Is Not Released In Any Album !
    Damn Lady Gaga Is a Trick Artist You Think You Heard Everything ?!

  2. Reem7476 Says:

    i love it .. xDD

    lady gaga is the best !!

  3. Proyectogagamonsters Says:

    LOS INICIOS DE LADY GAGA …!!!! <3 <3 <3

  4. Limonata93 Says:

    OMG! beautiful!!! GaGa, you’re the best! ♥

  5. eagonk Says:


  6. landof29 Says:


  7. shariluny Says:

    Para los que quieren saber lo que significa la cancion en español:Soy un chico grande, usted es una chica grande ahora, ahora, ahora…
    Soy una chica grande, usted es un chico grande ahora, ahora, ahora…

    Atrás en el día, cuando usted fue joven (fue divertido) niña, no pensó que usted fue el uno (Ahora, aquí vengo)
    Su caminata atractiva, su conversación atractiva
    (Que Es lo que está arriba) niña, usted claramente no
    es el mismo niño del bloque

  8. Mrsdory09 Says:

    youre the best gaga

  9. larababaful Says:


  10. GaGaRawrsMonsters Says:

    Haha This Song Turns My Cousin On xD
    I Love It :D

  11. MiillionDollarBaby Says:

    I raped the replay button :D

  12. thalylover Says:

    @MamoruNoHakkyou me too *_* even though am a big Gaga fan!

  13. october101499 Says:


  14. MamoruNoHakkyou Says:

    I am now wondering why I haven’t heard this until now.. >_> Fun!

  15. MiillionDollarBaby Says:


  16. LisaSLD Says:

    2:08 SPANK ME xD

  17. 7417luffy Says:

    Love it !!

  18. srong216 Says:

    this dam will be one sweet song in the CLUB!

  19. KoolVidzz Says:

    thanks kyle hanagami for introducing this song !

  20. starshine977 Says:

    I love Donnie’s part in this song.

  21. starshine977 Says:

    they shouldve made a video for this song..i was looking forward to seeing it…this song grows on you after you listen to it a couple of times. lol

  22. sariahadrian Says:

    Beautiful BBw women for dating

  23. toontownkiddy Says:

    this is like a duet

  24. VideoForBieber Says:

    this is awesome! I don’t like the entry cause it has a lot of bass.
    but the part when she sings is sick!

  25. EmmaA2295 Says:

    Gaga is the best i dont like this one though !!! i like the middle though!!
    i hate the start woohhoo gaga i love you <3

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