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Flick rolled!! This is the weirdest thing I have ever made. Download it for free at More songs: More face More tweeting: I also Tumbl:
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Lady Gaga brought out Maria Aragon, it was so adorable! GAGA IS THE BEST, I AM IN LOVE WITH HER. I’ve been to maaany concerts, but this was by FAR the best concert of my life!! :) PUT YOUR PAWS UP, CUZ YOU WERE BORN THIS WAY BABY :) Ps. Please don’t comment on the fact that we can’t sing, trust we know. We’re screaming at the top of our lungs….I’m sorry, but it’s kind of hard to contain yourself when your favorite popstar is right in front of you. This is us at the concert, people asked for the vid, so we posted it.

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41 Responses to “LADY GAGA – FLICKER FACE”

  1. ritatzhang Says:

    that is awesome!!

  2. fudgenutss4 Says:

    how many flicks did it take to make this?? hhaha

  3. MsGeekyMomma Says:

    Loving the slight scruff on the upper lip, Andrew.

  4. StarFireKiss Says:

    that is just epic!

  5. NiyahBubbly Says:

    I tried the face thing…IT HURT!

  6. princessbubblegum211 Says:

    does that hurt??

  7. espiogirl Says:

    Is it bad that I thought the title said “Fucker face”?

  8. Animeangel72 Says:

    This….Was…The…Most…Awesomest…thing…I have..EVER HEARD!!!

  9. LiveForParamore Says:


  10. waitwhatandwhy Says:

    I’m just NOW seeing this?!
    Andrew, you’re some kind of cray wonderful freak.
    I can’t believe you just used your FACE as an instrument.

  11. RemyxedMagic Says:

    That’s gotta hurt after a while! 

  12. milburnnoronha Says:

    DId it hurt :D 

  13. baileyjusteen Says:

    oh my gosh thats sooo awesome! thats beast!!!!! that must hurt ur face!

  14. DeeJayCrackah Says:

    You HAD to sample this…

  15. sillygirl0819 Says:

    this is soooo cool!

  16. HerroDerImAsian Says:

    @Bonsallad I noticed it too but in his other video facepants he wasn’t wearing one

  17. mdiem Says:

    After about 40 seconds, I didn’t think I’d bother watching the rest, but I’m glad I did.
    That was pretty dope!

  18. Befreetobe Says:

    How sore were your cheeks after this? xD

  19. Yiminy3 Says:

    @Bonsallad i was just thinking the same thing…

  20. Bonsallad Says:

    Noticed the ring, married/engaged? :D 

  21. czesccoslychac Says:

    f***, you’re good!!

  22. BAMFshrimp Says:


  23. gigantballs Says:

    i’ve watched some of your videos and now i feel like i just have to subscribe

  24. EternallyMe304 Says:

    This is disturbing and epic at the same time…I LOVE IT!

  25. SmugglerTheCanid Says:

    daaaannnggg :D you rock so hard mine, just hope you know that many of us really mean that. :)

  26. bowieuk2 Says:

    Well, it’s difficult to discern anything from this. The camera is all over the place, the audience don’t want to listen to the music, screaming all way through it. Were it not for this, it could have been good. Both Gaga and Maria are capable of putting together a good performance.

  27. purplesoupforthesoul Says:

    the girl with the camera shouldn’t have been singing… i couldn’t hear the vid

  28. LilJayAye Says:

    i have tears in my eyes :’) 

  29. moondogg55 Says:

    Cool video! Glad you had a great time!

  30. MegaMakeupPrincess Says:

    it was a little inapropriat (i think) of gaga to get Maria to sit on her lap like that with no clothes on :/ i love gaga but if that was me on her lap i would be realy grosed out

  31. lucyschenk Says:

    Amazing and inspiring <3

  32. acuariosilvita Says:

    I love it!
    I imagined and Lady GaGa
    Thumbs up

  33. MrJageenprins Says:

    Lady Gaga is really a good person!
    I’m sick of all the bullshit about her.
    Both have wonderful voices and I hope that Maria will be something big in the future.^^

  34. dustbusterz Says:

    Fantastic viddeo, I am so Happy to see this little girl getting discovered at such a early age. She has a wonderful voice.

  35. iphonekidsgames007 Says:

    wow great performance!

  36. sjhable Says:

    that was so awsome that little girl is really good :)

  37. cinzia997 Says:

    muy buen video
    excelente actuacion

  38. xoFiroza Says:

    so cooool!

  39. ppsf1958nr Says:

    Wow this is fantastic *****

  40. weeyin1155 Says:

    A touching video upload. The little girl is amazing. Many thanks for this. Have a great Tuesday.. ♥

  41. StudioHough Says:

    WOW. What an experience a great performance one you will never forget.
    All the stars in heaven to you, you deserve them.
    God Bless.

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