LADY GAGA – BAD ROMANCE (drag queen version)

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Brushes that I use available here : My page on facebook: It was the international drag queen contest. Me preforming for the first time, I think I did ok(ish). I didnt get first,second or fird plase(there were girls much better than me and with much more expirience) but I win as MISS CHARMING! My page on facebook:
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25 Responses to “LADY GAGA – BAD ROMANCE (drag queen version)”

  1. MistroEduardo Says:

    the choreography from Lady Gaga’s music video is completely off, otherwise you were entertaining :-)

  2. jessyfanto Says:

    which club was this at? I wanna perform as well :-)

  3. SharolaidNBC Says:

    u were miss uk?

  4. SharolaidNBC Says:

    @ShawnCorson lets see you on that stage Shawn Corson. All you do is go around the Inter Webs and talk $#!+ about other queens. This was in Russia, where there drag scene is different from ours….

  5. lowdecker Says:

    Some great performances

  6. princesskatkat28 Says:

    thank you so much for singing my favorite song… u look gorgeous with any color of hair.. i love you when its just ur gorgeous black hair.. those other girls were fat!!! i love how u strut that cat walk yey!! ur my idol!! :D

  7. GreatGabbo Says:

    And you are very charming!! your performance was amazing especially for being the first time… im very shure that you are gonna get the first place in the next one ;) after all you look very gorgeous!

  8. puerco7904 Says:

    te sigo deswde hace tiempo. eres hermosa. quiero sexo contigo

  9. wnterwarlock Says:

    First time here and I think you really did an awesome job. It looks like so much fun. I think you should have had a whip with you as you did the song. That would have been really fun. So I’m not that familiar with drag queens but with heels that you wear and the confetti on the floor doesn’t that make it harder to perform? Also, not being crude but do some of the ladies actually have real breasts or do they just give the illusion. Curious, thx and salutations everybody. New subscriber.

  10. alexnel Says:

    jajajjajaj como camina la 1era jajaja, la 2da x, la 3era toda un mujer, la 4ta ni en cuenta, 5ta guapa, 6ta pancha igual, 7ma se acabo el papel aluminio en su vestido, 8va de india le hubieran pasado unas chanclas

  11. 89Naima Says:

    You did great and you’re SUPER pretty!! I just started doing drag and I’ve won my first three pageants doing Bad Romance lol It’s a good song to perform to.

  12. addisonbelee Says:

    This is hard to watch. She doesn’t even know the choreography. -Addison

  13. ShawnCorson Says:

    i didn’t like it :( you don’t have enough energy for such a large song. Sorry :/

  14. CrstalArcane Says:

    That was the most awful performance of bad romance I have ever seen, I didn’t see one monster claw, disappointed.

  15. somethingorotherXP Says:

    First dude looked like a lesbian

  16. moidixmois87 Says:

    Is that in Russian?

  17. loradawnrichmond Says:

    Absolutely beautiful…could never tell

  18. daniel21szczecin Says:

    I cordially greet the Polish. Drag Queens from the Polish. Dear readers and users if someone knows the title of this song please Casta diva written on the box inside

  19. carlaghenna Says:

    Cristina WOW, but CAMILLA?!
    The QUEEN!!!

    WOW + WOW for Camilla

  20. scornedbeauty Says:

    wow u have amazing legs lol

  21. MalenkyGoblin Says:

    Constructive criticism: you might want to invest in a good set of fake boobs, and hip padding. It will make a huge difference in your appearance.

    You were definitely the prettiest one out there!

  22. daniel21szczecin Says:

    what a song Casta diva? which flies in the background

  23. psykozomby123 Says:

    dont listen to the haters you rocked it!!!

  24. luisitobb13 Says:

    she is not a drag quen wuakkkkk

  25. ShawnCorson Says:

    sorry but that couldn’t have been more boring if it was your stage name.

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