Lady Gaga – Bad Romance by Leander (pop-metal cover)

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37 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Bad Romance by Leander (pop-metal cover)”

  1. Captainfoodface Says:

    Break down at the end is fucking brutal!

  2. FaceofMatt Says:

    @apusama Led Zeppelin. Dazed and confused.

  3. clm0028 Says:

    Leander should re-cover ALL of Gaga’s song and re-release them for her.

  4. TheOlyrics Says:

    Brahms – Hungarian dance no.5

  5. UWFSkull Says:

    Amazing. And the video is hilarious

  6. RAWREmoGummyBear Says:

    dammit!!! i just shit my pants at the fucking awesomeness!!!

  7. danielwinicki Says:

    i want the tab!!

  8. MCCruelICWS Says:

    The intro was PERFECT it made the rest of the song so awesome!

  9. Peinci Says:


    Brahms – Hungarian Dance 5

  10. TheCamaro18 Says:

    this is a master cover

  11. pieldecristal Says:


  12. i4758691 Says:

    who knows in 3:55 wat it is the song name?
    coz the melody is beautiful !

  13. IceCadaverX Says:

    Seen a crapload of metal covers to this song. This one is the best from what i’ve seen. Good going, guys.

  14. swivel88 Says:

    50million times better than the original song. Props man.

  15. HUNroland08 Says:

    Brahms – Hungarian Dance No. 5

  16. MrTirulin Says:

    la reputa madre

  17. friggingbomb88 Says:

    matt damon went burtal!

  18. deltabravox Says:

    4:00 -4:28 is just orgasmic well done! -_-

  19. deltabravox Says:

    4:00 – 4:00 is just orgasmic -_-

  20. clm0028 Says:

    Love, love, love, I want your *ROAAARRRRRRRRR*

  21. clm0028 Says:

    Love, love, love, I want you *ROAAARRRRRRRRR*

  22. gitanobds80 Says:

    what a great cover….. great!

  23. MyAss4ssinX Says:

    Alakul alakul :D :D :D:D Különben grat Leander ;)

  24. broky1015 Says:

    sooo cool bitch!!! i like this!!.

  25. stabjoeybishop Says:

    liked just for the mustache! m/

  26. firestar5044411 Says:

    LOL i kicked a girl and i liked it!

  27. kayleighshay Says:


  28. rockiearrow Says:

    good job on this video man. suscribe to meh channel? thx. nice vid.

  29. 99wolfina Says:

    You WHAT?!?! if you kicked a girl your in BIG trouble…

  30. memeline21 Says:

    vous vous moquez pas mal mais c’est trop drole je trouve que c’est mignon la voie!

  31. bustybetty666 Says:

    i kissed a chipmunk and i liked it the taste of whiskers and t.b

  32. exotiquecoco Says:

    Trop mignon =3

  33. lili100fun Says:


  34. koboshisan Says:

    this so messed up

  35. cervantescarlos88 Says:

    it’s so funy.

  36. MrsSweeneyTodd506 Says:

    luv it

  37. 1snoop22 Says:


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