Lady Gaga – Alejandro [Sims 2] HD

February 22, 2012 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: BECOME A FAN: ASK ME QUESTIONS HERE: Finally, after over 2 month hard work. Here is my Video Alejandro by Lady Gaga…. The biggest part of the costum animations and outfits are by me, for the rest read please the credits ;o) … Big Thanks and Credits: 1. rowanisterug ( For so many accessory/objects and help. Without you the video would not have been possible :o ) 2. Siims3LoliiFreak for the great nun outfit 3. Christian Mateus for the beautiful white dress + Accessory 4. ERUJIEproduction for some fantastic animations 5. enriquew88 for the animations of the beginning 6. Max2Sims2 for help me to find the floor PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! RATE, LINK, COMMENT AND TELL IT YOUR FRIENDS :D … All Music Copyrights goes to Lady Gaga / Streamline / UMG / WMG / Interscope Records and all other owners. THANKS, YOUR TM :o ) … More Tags: Loud album, tour, California King Bed, Cheers (Drink To That), Complicated, Fading, Love The Way You Lie (Part II), man down, only girl (in the world), Raining Men, Skin, S&M, what´s my name Born this way album, marry the night, americano, edge of glory, goverment hooker, judas, hair, scheiße, bloody mary, Highway Unicorn (Road to Love), bad kids, Heavy Metal Lover, Electric Chapel, You and I
Video Rating: 4 / 5

jmasem a lot of new shots , imagination … JMASEM Trickshots ! Because the limits do not exist !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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40 Responses to “Lady Gaga – Alejandro [Sims 2] HD”

  1. luizaceh Says:


  2. GuiFnac98 Says:

    Good Job!

  3. GuiFnac98 Says:

    Otimo Renan! Continue com o bom trabalho!!!

  4. gagasims3 Says:

    OMG perfect!!

  5. LinaToin5 Says:

    OMG! I love it

  6. SuperMsKlaudia Says:

    ez marha jó ez szuper good!

  7. MovieMij Says:

    mogła byś potem zrobić Marry the Nigth . ? ! c:

  8. SteffSimsStudio Says:

    Rewatching it again!! wow , it’s just pure perfect

  9. xkaylenee Says:


  10. hisadaicho Says:

    Ugh this is so FLAWLESS.

  11. twilightmonster158 Says:

    omg this is soo cool cud u make judas??

  12. xXTechnomickyXx Says:

    @charlzooo I work on ‘Yoü & I’ at the moment :o ) …

  13. charlzooo Says:

    Can you make Judas or You and i! :D ?

  14. TimmyJr360 Says:

    Best video yet of sims 2! 10/10 stars! Though, 5:21 creeped me out

  15. nessquik95 Says:

    this is just amazing! love the animations :) what program do you use to edit and where u get the sound effects?

  16. SuperStarHania Says:

    the ppl in black creep me out

  17. Mslovemeorhateme15 Says:


  18. ArSimsStudio Says:

    Today birth 1 year alejandro here on youtube [Technomicky sims 2 video] @xXTechnomickyXx Love Ur work <3

  19. ArSimsStudio Says:

    #HappyBirthdayAlejandro :) 

  20. soyelpantostado1 Says:


  21. coppercrazy09 Says:

    soooo amazing<3 makes me want to play sims.s

  22. carusa105 Says:


  23. xXxneonblack4everxXx Says:

    this is really good

  24. Tabemonosama Says:

    2:25-2:40 PERFECT PERFECT ! The video is the best Alejandro machinima taht I ever seen , and I saw a lot of machinima …
    GOOD JOB !!!! ♥

  25. blacknailzpolish Says:

    Someone should tweet this to her :D Then you will become even more famous! :D

  26. vstrato Says:

    I wonder how long it took to get the 3:58 one !

  27. zinnowitzrulez Says:

    really good skillz….^^

  28. zoulou02 Says:

    Putain tu gères ! :D 5/5

  29. ppooler Says:

    Great work, you are getting better and better !

    keep it up


    great video man,i especially liked the super high jump masse at 4:13.

  31. BilliardInstruction Says:


  32. ppooler Says:

    good ! really great work, but i am afraid that such shots are unlearnable with consistency

  33. kizheciozhec Says:

    Nice my friend!J’adore!!!

  34. Skoubatrickshots Says:

    Très beau travail, 5/5!

  35. BartjeOstend Says:

    impressionant !!

  36. speedpicking78 Says:


  37. brooklyn758 Says:

    Most AWESOME!!!!! I love the little tables.:-D
     You Guys are not HUMAN. Your from that planet Poolaria. Trickshot shooting aliens!!!!. we are being invaded!!!!!!! Help.LOL

  38. fredlethai Says:

    5 étoiles pour les coups et la vidéo , et 10 étoiles pour le pitchoux lol

  39. venomtrickshots Says:

    Awesome shots, awesome editing!

  40. SteveMarks2217 Says:

    Incredible from beginning to end. Great new shot inventions!


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