Lacey Jones is the Hottest Girl in Poker

August 30, 2010 :: Posted by - admin :: Category - Poker Video

Lacey Jones is Wicked Chops Poker’s Hottest Girl in Poker and has the exclusive footage of her latest glamour shoot with Jerry Metellus Photography. For more hot girls and play online poker, visit
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25 Responses to “Lacey Jones is the Hottest Girl in Poker”

  1. JDubs878 Says:

    She’s a natural beauty……except for her fake boobs. =(

  2. sikfreak6969 Says:

    @PunaniLicker69 lmaoooooooo

  3. vplof Says:

    The truth is that 90% of the times when you sit on a casino poker table you will find only fat scary dudes, not hotties like lacey

  4. bourdinb Says:

    0:37 nipple off

  5. JMX2280 Says:

    I’d nut flush on her face cards.

  6. artpeacock Says:

    @lucjozef And you EuroTrash like rotten toothed, stinky ass, hairy armpitted, flat chested bitches; right?

  7. Sannosauce Says:

    She has Mrs Garrison tits O.o
    Sexy none the less.

  8. ColdHearted Says:

    point elbows

  9. ZachLaughs Says:

    Jesus fucking christ she’s fucking hot.

  10. lister1nePaz Says:

    her boobs are so fake its just ridiculous

  11. Crubber Says:

    @PunaniLicker69 Ha ha ha ha ha ha, allllllllllllllrighty then.

  12. psadpoiafsdf Says:

    i want to nail her in the but

  13. stopsira Says:

    She’s just perfect.

  14. Steroid12345 Says:

    I’d admit she’s hot but she can’t play poker for shit lol

  15. tiltmonk Says:

    @PunaniLicker69 sounds like a plan haha

  16. MrOOPSYDAISY123 Says:


  17. MusclesfromB Says:

    don’t like her boobs :s

  18. Sannosauce Says:

    her boob job is weird, their like mrs garrison tits.

  19. dh144498 Says:

    i’d shove my whole “stack” in her.

  20. HCMidtjylland21 Says:

    Can you be my friends girlfriend?

  21. drbizzaros Says:

    I would love to fist fuck her & then lick her juices off my hand, erm…

  22. TwistedMetal32 Says:

    average? not hot? tools on the internet today crack me up.

  23. georgewhedge Says:

    she’s a dog.

  24. ruggedd Says:

    i just jerked off to her

  25. seop Says:

    probably all she’s good for… or at least, wants to be known for.. she’s a female douche bag

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